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Grant Park Ultimate

Contact: Craig Foster, Bill Nowicki

Sundays: 11:00 a
Mondays: 6:00 p
Thursdays: 6:00 p

Fields: Grassish
Description: Force city, force lake!

Downtown Ultimate!

We play Mondays and Thursdays, usually at 6PM at 900 S. Michigan avenue. Alternative field is just east on Columbus and Balbo or at the softball fields right there.

On Sundays we play at 11am on the same fields, usually Columbus and Balbo or the softball fields but occasionally at 900S.

For maps:

Game on/off info at google groups, or sometimes facething.

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West Town / Humboldt Park pickup

Contact: Mike Ziwisky

Sundays: 11am
Mondays: 6pm
Tuesdays: 6pm
Wednesdays: 6pm
Thursdays: 6pm
Fridays: 6pm
Saturdays: 11am

Description: There's no game yet, I just want to get one going in this area, so I'm spreading the word. If you're interested, join the Facebook group and we'll start working out details.

== WHEN ==
Don't know yet, but at least a weekend game, and maybe one or two during the week if there's interest. Sunday morning, plus Tuesday and Thursday after work would be my preference.

== WHERE ==
Smith Park seems like a nice field, but baseball games might get in the way. Humboldt Park ought to have some free space.

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Lincoln Park Ultimate Frisbee

Contact: Joseph Ortaliza
Phone: 1(773)993-3255

Sundays: None
Mondays: None
Tuesdays: None
Wednesdays: 6:30 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.
Thursdays: None
Fridays: None
Saturdays: 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Cost: None
Fields: Grass
Description: *Dress warm, in layers....we promise you'll find comfort in the chilly weather! Ah, the joys of a good winter sweat! *

To Bring:
-Cleats! If you got
em, most of us play with them.
-Water, snacks (stay hydrated yo!) *We do have occasional BBQ's
-Dark and White shirts for both sides (gray shirts make it tough..)

How we play:
-7 on 7 usually
-'Spirit of the Game' is very much a part of our game
-We try and AVOID 'last back' rule. Play 2-3 points, and play'em hard, then get off the field. Rotating is key.

-Players resolve their own calls
-We are a happy, boisterous bunch of goofs that work hard on the field and have a good laugh too. If this sound like you, c'mon out!


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Frisbot 3000

Contact: Ben Wilhelm

Saturdays: 10:00 AM

Description: Frisbot is a very friendly game, generally played Saturday mornings on the north side of Chicago. All skill levels are welcome, and we have players ranging from absolute beginners to league veterans. We're currently playing at River Park (Foster between California and Kedzie).

If you want to play, go sign up for our polling system at You'll get an email notice with links to RSVP for the game. If we have enough players before the polling cutoff (usually looking for a minimum of 6 players by 11pm Friday night) then Game On. Otherwise, no game. We won't do anything else with your email address. Pinky swear.

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Evanston Ultimate Pickup

Contact: Kunal Pujara
Phone: 224.715.2500

Sundays: 1pm to 4pm (check for polls in winter at website)
Tuesdays: non-winter 5:30pm to dark
Thursdays: non-winter 5:30pm to dark

Description: We are a group that plays pickup ultimate in Evanston IL.
We are mainly intermediate players with some members that have played competitively, but want to play a more relaxed/friendlier game.
On Sundays we meet at 1pm.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays we are meeting at 5:30.
As to WHERE we are playing:

During the summer months (6/11 to 8/18), we are playing at New Trier East, on the fields just behind the school on the north side. New Trier East is located a few blocks east of Green Bay and Winnetka in Willmette.

During the fall/spring for weekday games, we are currently meeting at Elks park, which is a few blocks south of the South Boulevard stop along the west side of the el tracks in Evanston.

During the winter months, we meet on Sundays at 1pm at Long Field, which is at the corner of Lincoln and Sheridan in Evanston.

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SPUN Indoor Pickup Game


Fridays: 9-11pm

Cost: $10/player/night
Fields: Indoor
Description: We are playing at Westmont Yard (233 West 63rd St. Westmont, IL) ( on two fields (!) on Friday nights from 9-11pm for all of January, February, and March 2015 (1/2/15 - 3/27/15).

Ultimate Chicago will provide insurance. Players will sign a one-time liability-release waiver and pay $10/person/night at the front desk.

Rubber-soled cleats are allowed. Please bring a white and a dark shirt.

It's gonna be great!

Hope to see you at the first indoor pickup game on Friday, January 2nd at 9pm at Westmont Yard!


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Pickup @ L.A. Fitness

Contact: D
Phone: 847.701.4753

Mondays: noon
Tuesdays: noon
Wednesdays: noon
Thursdays: noon

Description: Let me know if you want to play.

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Lombard Park District at the Turf Field

Contact: Nathan Kinsinger
Phone: 630.953.6102

Wednesdays: 6:30-9:00

Cost: $3.00
Fields: Turf
Description: Come out to the Glenbard East High School Turf Field and continue to play ultimate during the fall, winter, and spring outside! All skill levels are welcome. The season begins on 1/7/15.

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Contact: Jake Dunne
Phone: 708.945.3878
Mailing List:

Mondays: 6-Dark

Cost: Free
Fields: Grass
Description: Schussler Park in Orland Park, IL 60487 off golfview drive and 88th avenue

Pick-Up games had good numbers last year had quite a few days with 20-30 people turnouts, split into two fields and played tourney style.

Had enough demand to even have some twice a weekers on Wednesdays and Thursdays!

Looking forward to 2015!!

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Schaumburg Ultimate Frisbee

Contact: Mike Nagel

Sundays: 12:00 PM - ~3:00 PM
Saturdays: 10:00 AM - ~1:00 PM

Fields: Grass
Description: Weekend games year-round Saturday from about 10-1, and Sunday from about noon - 3.

Weekday (Tues/Thurs) will restart once daylight is back in early March.

Wide variety of ages and skill levels all showing up to play some disc. The website will list "RSVPs," but actual numbers are always higher.

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