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Hi AmandaI look forward to indareg your work here. Do you have a blog somewhere? I miss you when you don't write for Tikkun. For any of us who don't fit in the ordinary boxes. (I am spiritual, deeply so, but can no longer handle institutional religion, practice Buddhism (but have experiences of Deity which I can't reject), and serve as a spiritual guide for atheists, moslems, jews, christians, buddhists, native americans, and hindus.) Several people hate my refusal to lock down into a dogma and cool out . It scares them.So you friend's passion for his new found atheism and your own comprehensive compassion are very nourishing. I will read Faitheist, Chris sounds like a fellow companion on the way.
by Cristyna on 03/13/2012 at 22:55
Yes, I should have rlicifaed - it's not the diary-type blogs that get to me. For instance, Kelly from Kelly's Korner blogs almost every day to keep a journal of Harper's life and I enjoy reading every post. I was thinking more of the home decor blogs who have these super-elaborate posts, or who apologize to their readers when they don't post daily. Again, I probably should have just kept my mouth shut! lol
by Jamphel on 03/12/2012 at 01:53