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Ultimate Frisbee & Picnic at Treptower Park

Contact: John

Saturdays: 2:30 - 5:30pm (spring/summer), TBD (autumn/winter), can change (contact me)

Fields: Grass, the most gorgeous plush grass in all of Berlin
Description: This Coed Ultimate Frisbee event is open for everyone from all levels (both genders from beginners to advance). You can come to play or just to watch and enjoy. When the weather is warm there is often a picnic so feel free to bring something to share with the group. We encourage participants to share their knowledge of the game to others especially beginners. The park is spacious, so members are encouraged to bring volleyball/net, badminton racquets, table tennis paddles, slackline equipment, and boardgames to share with other members to make this a fun multi-sport / picnic event.

The times may change depending upon the time of year so if you want to find the most up to date time, look up CouchSurfing Event for the starting time.

Treptower Park is a beautiful park adjacent to the Spree River and can easily be accessed by the ring (Treptower Park S-bahn (S41/42)). The fields are usually in excellent condition and the views are wonderful.
Here is the exact location within the park:

ABOUT THE HISTORY OF THIS EVENT: this has been an ongoing CouchSurfing event since as early as 2012 and is now hosted via CS as well as through Meetup. There is often a good number of people for 1 or 2 simultaneous games even right through the winter.

If you can not make it to the Saturday events, there is also a Sunday game as well which was started in the Spring of 2019 where the rules are slightly tweaked to encourage sharing the frisbee with everyone so it’s intended to be inclusive and engage everyone.


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