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Contact: Zeph King
Phone: 07977 298045
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Mondays: 7pm

Cost: £6 in winter/no cost in summer
Fields: Grass/Astro in winter
Description: We are a mixed group of players who have been playing together for over 10 years! After 14 years of playing we are now a club! New members and guests always welcome. We love it when more experienced players can come down and show us a trick, set move, or two! We also warmly welcome beginners - young, old, male and female. Everyone is welcome. A drink after at the local is always encouraged! Hopefully we work well for travelers who are just passing/working in London for a short time, and can't handle missing their weekly fix...

WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT PLAYING DUE TO COVID-19. We hope to start again in early December when Lockdown 2.0 is relaxed.

Summertime: We play on the rugby pitches closest to Orleans road. Good for parking if you drive.

PLEASE NOTE In the winter we play on a flood lit pitch around 15 minutes drive from our summer location. We play at The Heathland School in Hounslow (beware there is another heathland school!).


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