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Boulder Lunchtime Ultimate (Indoor)

Contact: Gavin Kistner
Phone: 303.408.0101
Website: http://yain.phrogz.net/blu-indoor
Mailing List: https://groups.google.com/g/boulder-lunchtime-ultimate

Wednesdays: 12-2p
Fridays: 12-2p

Cost: $7 for one day, $10 for both
Fields: Indoor Turf
Description: Boulder Lunchtime Ultimate hosts an indoor pickup ultimate game open to all ages and skill levels; bring a white and dark shirt/jersey. Cost is $7 to the facility. (Second day in the same week is only $3.)

Games only run during cold months, roughly September–May. Check the poll at http://yain.phrogz.net/blu-indoor to see if we have enough for a day.

Indoor ultimate uses slightly different rules than outdoor. Games are to time (e.g. 20 minutes), with smaller teams (e.g. 5v5) on the field. Play (and the clock) does not stop after a score: the scoring team puts the disc on the ground and the other team picks it up and plays on. Substitutions take place on the fly (as in hockey). The disc may be played off the wall or roof.

The time slot is a nominal two hours; we usually stop playing around 1:45p. However, with 20 minute games, you can choose to leave earlier if needed.

See the BLU Google Group maiing list if you have further questions.


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