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Call for PGH Pickup Ultimate! (see info)

Contact: Call for PGH Pickup Ultimate
Website: http://www.facebook.com/groups/1520978151501469
Mailing List: http://www.facebook.com/groups/1520978151501469

Sundays: call your own! (see info)
Mondays: call your own! (see info)
Tuesdays: call your own! (see info)
Wednesdays: call your own! (see info)
Thursdays: GAME ON // 6pm-dark (occasional / see notes)
Fridays: call your own! (see info)
Saturdays: GAME ON // 11am-2pm (typical / see notes)

Fields: Turf / Grass (cleats good)
Description: How to play Pickup in/around Pittsburgh:

1. Join "Call for PGH Pickup Ultimate" (see link)

2. Check boards as you want to find a game (Thu frequent, Sat typical, other days at random) for location and "upvote" or "thumbs up" your attendance so other people feel good about showing up and having numbers.

3. If there isn't a game, CALL ONE if you have a good location + time. Anyone is welcome to get a game started and post!

Level: Ranges from Glob Stack to Go Deep, occasionally resembles formal play, if there are enough experienced players who decided they want to "work out those feelings".

Ages: You need to be able to hold a 175g frisbee and if you can't drive yourself you are responsible for telling your mom you are going to hang out with generally immature adults.

Stalls: Yes

Calls: Educationally Purposed, Extremely Limited, +Often Collectively Laughed at as it is being enforced, even by the person making it

Cleats: Recommended


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