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Champ de Mars

Contact: John
Phone: +33 6 85 28 28 48
Website: http://doodle.com/poll/4zpp5sv2fa76qq3p

Tuesdays: 12:35
Fridays: 12:35

Description: Ultimate Frisbee at Champ de Mars, in full view of tour Eiffel!

Where: 48.854070, 2.302525
Field: Dirt

We generally play Tuesday and Friday (more likely Friday) from 12:30 (12:40) - 1:25 at Champ de Mars.

This has been a regular lunchtime game for coworkers for the past 4/5 years, but it's always great to get new players!

If you want to play, the only rule is to sign up on doodle. If there are 6 or more players by 12:00, game on! Yes, we will play even if there are 3x3. Be there!

If you sign in and can't play, please sign out before 12:00 so we know if there is a valid game or not. Bad spirit juju if you don't!

We usually get to the field around 12:30/12:40 at the latest, and play until 13:23 when we call 2 points before having to go back to work :.(

It's a pretty loose game, played on the dirt field next to the park. Safe as long as you don't lay out! The only strategy we play is play hard and have fun!

If you are local and want to be on the mailing list, send me an email.


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