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Saturday Ultimate

Contact: Richard Gurley
Phone: 404.797.8194

Saturdays: noon until past 3:00pm

Fields: Grass: some holes for sprinklers or from gophers
Description: Updated September 29, 2020

Status: GAME PAUSED. Please take good care of yourself and your neighbors

We will return to playing as soon as it is safe to do so. We are respecting the San Francisco Stay Home order:

Below info is historical:
Note: Game is usually at Big Rec, but sometimes moves to Robin Williams Meadow (aka Sharon Meadow), so please check both locations

Description: A beginner friendly game that also attracts elite women and men players. We play two side-by-side games. We treat all park-goers and players with respect. We request 5 to 10 (optional) push ups for a dropped a pull. We provide a supportive learning environment.

Join us in Golden Gate Park on Saturday afternoons. We are playing at Big Rec at 7th Ave and Lincoln Way. Our backup field is Sharon Meadow next to Hippie Hill. If you still can't find us, please check out Mothers' Meadow. Our other backup is Hellman Hollow (formerly known as Speedway Meadow) near 25th Ave.

Any questions? Please email Gurley.


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