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Glen Park Ultimate (SF)

Contact: Tyler Pullen
Mailing List: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/glen-park-ultimate/join

Saturdays: 2:45 pm

Fields: Grass
Description: The Logistics: We play every Saturday at ~2:45 pm on the main grass field at Glen Park. People meet at the bottom of the tiered wall near the tennis courts. If nobody's there, just wait and folks will probably show up eventually (Frisbee time!). Please bring both a white shirt and a dark shirt so you can play on either team.

The Level: All skill levels are welcome! Most players are intermediate and we often have a good range of ages. Most players have cleats, but some play in sneakers if that's all they have.

The Lore: Founded in the early '90s, the game has thrived with an ever-revolving cast of colorful characters. A few founding members still play — they're identified easily as the ones who yell the most and run the least. They claim the game was *originally* scheduled at 11am, and gradually crept back to its current time in an impressive show of unwillingness to be the first one there. Though most contemporary scholars believe the current time is permanent due to a shared fear of sunset.

The Law: Maximum 3 subs on last-back calls. Maximum 3 age-based jokes per point.


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