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Mask Off Austin Ultimate

Contact: Cote
Phone: 949.228.6549
Website: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kIptajLpdDnh0Hyno_xgZnBJYcgB6K9VnunD2rBu8Tc/edit?usp=sharing

Sundays: 3-5 PM

Description: LATE JANUARY UPDATE: We have assembled enough players to have regular games Sundays starting at 3 pm. Thank you to all who made this possible! If you're reading this and itching to play, regardless of skill level, please join us on the lower field of Zilker Park a little past the first parking lot on Lou Neff Road. If you'd like to play on weekdays too, we're working on that, but we need a larger coalition to start, so please come out and introduce yourself!

If you miss Ultimate, hate living in the wage cage, and need to blow off steam on the weekend for your mental AND physical health, then you've come to the right place.

I've seen at least one other group in Austin express a hesitancy to resume playing Ultimate because they're waiting for approval from lawmakers. That is not a major concern of this game's organizer, but irrespective of local ordinances made up by administrative state officials whom you probably did not elect and who are nowise accountable to you, this game is fully protected by the First Amendment as a tiring but mostly peaceful protest.


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