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Montclair Dads and Moms and Kids Frisbee

Contact: Chris Gulli

Sundays: 10:00AM
Saturdays: 10:00AM

Fields: Grass
Description: CURRENT LOCATION: Montclair Park

A very casual game of parents and kids, ages range from about 3rd to 10th grade, then from about 35-60, with wide varieties of skill and fitness levels.
Weekend Game: Warm up starts 10:00-10:15, game is usually 10:15-10:30-11:30.

"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing."

We have a Teamsnap for group emails, send me an email if you have questions or want to join.

Here's a notsorecent write-up we had in the local paper:

A few items that best give the flavor of our game,
1) Sidelines are more like guidelines, as long as you catch it, you can throw it back in.
2) We do let the younger kids play by kid rules, which means if they touch it but drop it, we count it as a catch where they touched it. Adults need to petition league commissioner for an exception to play by kid rules.
3) We kind of keep score, but some how we always end up in a tie around 11:30 when someone gasps "Next 2 out of 3 wins”.
4) Our typical player: "It’s been years since I played regularly, and I wasn’t fast then." Seriously, you can usually match up pretty well with someone in your fitness/skill level. We have slow moving folks who just want to get outside and be active, and players who played competitively in college, however many years ago that was.
5) It's about the journey, not the destination.

Our Wednesday evening game is on hiatus for the winter, since it's getting dark around 5:00 now. See you next spring.


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