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North County Ultimate

Contact: Al Lighton
Phone: 760.685.3583
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/northcountyultimatefrisbee/home
Mailing List:

Mondays: 12-1:45
Tuesdays: 12-1:45
Wednesdays: 12-1:45
Thursdays: 12-1:45
Fridays: 12-1:45

Fields: Grass field preferred, will use turf field if needed
Description: Lunchtime Coed pickup. All levels welcome, play is generally higher level intermediate. Bring a white and a dark shirt (no gray please).

We use a home grown google forms based check-in tool daily to determine if we have a game each day. See https://sites.google.com/site/northcountyultimatefrisbee/home/games/checkin
No password or user account required to checkin. We typically get 3 games per week, but it varies. Add yourself as a guest to check in, and if you keep coming back you'll get added to the pulldown menu.

We'll generally play if we have 10 or more folks checked in by 11:30AM. We play by standard rules, but will use stall count of 7 instead of 10 if we have less than 7V7. Published start time is noon, but often the game doesn't actually get going before 12:30.

The Wednesday game is now being played at Encinitas Community Park instead of Alga. Same Check in tool, just select ECP instead of Alga.


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