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Tuesday/Thursday lunchtime Ultimate

Contact: Trago Wallace
Phone: 805.423.2851

Tuesdays: 12:15
Thursdays: 12:15

Fields: grass
Description: We are a group of folks on our lunch breaks trying to stay in shape and have some fun. We run hard, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We never even keep score. We just play for an hour and then head out. We vary in skill level. Occasionally an elite/club player will come out. We are very beginner friendly, but some of us have been playing for decades and we have good handlers. We usually don't have too much strategy (no force, stacks, zone D, etc), but we have a lot of fun. If that sounds like something you would enjoy, come join us!

Sometimes we don't have enough players to get a game together, so email me to see if we are playing each day. Or your can join our email list to RSVP. We also move around the park, so check with me to see which field we are playing on currently


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