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Penn Park Ultimate Frisbee Pickup

Contact: Penn Park Pickup
Phone: 267.606.0959
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pennparkfrisbee
Mailing List: https://forms.gle/5SKrwBQ3s2KjBx7h8

Sundays: 1 pm (Check GroupMe for status/location)
Tuesdays: 5 pm (Check GroupMe for status/location)
Thursdays: 5 pm (Check GroupMe for status/location)
Saturdays: 1 pm (Check GroupMe for status/location)

Fields: Turf (Penn Park), grass (Highline/Penn Park behind tennis courts)
Description: Current frisbee pickup times:
Tuesday, Thursday - 5 pm (Check GroupMe for status/location)
Saturday, Sunday - 1 pm (Check GroupMe for status/location)
Check FB/GroupMe for the most up to date info.

All games are at Penn Park unless noted otherwise; check the turfs first, then field behind tennis courts, and then Highline (31st and Chestnut). Occasionally, games in the wintertime may be at area fields that are lit.

Join us on FB (https://www.facebook.com/groups/pennparkfrisbee) and GroupMe (https://forms.gle/5SKrwBQ3s2KjBx7h8) for the most current and any last minute pickup information. *To combat GroupMe spam and bots, complete the survey to get the GroupMe link.

We are a diverse, co-ed frisbee pickup group and we welcome players of all skill levels. We play at Penn Park (https://goo.gl/maps/BcNA7); look to the turf fields first, then Highline (31st and Chestnut) and then the grass fields as a last resort (behind the tennis courts near the stadium). Bring cleats, a light/dark shirt and a frisbee; if you have cones, bring them! Make every effort to be on time since space at Penn Park is limited and if we do not have numbers, other groups like soccer may take our space.

Look to GroupMe/FB messages for the most up to date information. If you are the first one there, you can send a GroupMe/FB message with the field location.

And finally, recruit! Bring your friends and those you know who have experience. People come and go as they graduate and with the PADA season, so we are always looking for new players. We are open to everyone.. from beginners to club players! We will spend time to teach during pickup games if needed. Its more fun when we consistently have 7s+!


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