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Regent's Pick-up

Website: https://goo.gl/5eOT1G

Mondays: 18:00
Wednesdays: 18:00
Saturdays: 11:00

Fields: Grass
Description: Greetings & Salutations,

Looking for some fun pick-up ulty in the heart of London? Then look no further.

We're a group of utly players from all walks of life and skill levels. We don't take ourselves too seriously and focus on having fun more than anything else. Beginners and expert players are welcome!

We play every Saturday all year long. During the summer months (when there is enough daylight & the park is open) we play on Mondays & Wednesdays as well.

All you need to bring is a pair of trainers or football boots if you have them. We have all of the other kit, including bibs to tell one another apart.

On Saturdays, we tend to set up 2 or 3 pitches and have multiple games at once.

Have any questions? Find us on Facebook - https://goo.gl/j6j438

Go team!


Hey, are you guys playing on Mondays at 6pm. I would like to join you this Monday (April 8th), thanks!
by Steve on 04/05/2019 at 18:26
I organise the Green Park pick up game on Wednesday nights and I was wondering if you guys would be up for a friendly game before the summer ends?

Based on the game description, our games sound very similar in terms of mixed levels and not taking it too seriously. But, maybe like us you fancy something a bit different, and also the chance to all play on the same team.

Let me know what you think. It could be fun. We’d be happy to come to you.

by Jon on 08/02/2018 at 14:48
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