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Silicon Throwabout

Contact: Jacob
Website: https://meetup.com/silicon-throwabout/

Thursdays: 6pm til pub (~8:30pm)
Saturdays: 2pm till pub (~4:30pm)

Cost: Outdoors in always free; Thursday indoors in the winter costs £5 and has limited capacity (sign up on meetup))
Fields: Grass (apart from Thursday indoors in the winter which is a basketball court)
Description: *Check the meetup, we have recently been occasionally playing in a different nearby park*

Mixture of levels from experienced, ex-club players to complete beginners (who often find us through meetup). We usually have enough for a 7-a-side game with a few subs. We sometimes keep score, but no one pays too much attention to that. We always go to the pub after.

We're also very beginner friendly; everyone being involved in a point is more important than winning it!

We generally start a bit late, but people will definitely be there! (We'll cancel the meetup if it's really not happening.) Don't get put off by not many people marked as 'going' on meetup.

Bring a light and a dark top to make mixing up teams easier (if you can).

And feel free to join us in a nearby pub garden afterwards for some drinks :)

*In the winter Thursday evenings are indoors in a nearby sports centre, check the meetup for details and signup, it costs for £5 indoors to cover the hall rental*


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