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The Bog Pickup in Atascadero CA

Contact: Brandon Pettis
Phone: 805.975.4548
Website: http://ultimate.branmuffinstudios.com
Mailing List: http://ultimate.branmuffinstudios.com

Sundays: 3:00pm

Fields: Grass
Description: When and for who?
Call time is 3:00pm and we usually start at 3:30pm after warm-ups and everyone has gathered. We usually end around 5:00pm. This pickup game is recommended for 15 years of age and up and we welcome all skill levels and athleticism.

What Should I bring?
You should bring water, athletic wear (including a white and colored/dark shirt), and we recommend cleats. We won't mind if you bring a friend as well; more the merrier. Optional things to bring would be a a Frisbee disc (this is Ultimate Frisbee), food is always welcome, camping chair, athletic bag, wife/husband or kids (we play at a park). Most importantly bring yourself.

What do I expect?
The area can get fairly cold in winter with rain as well 100+ in the summer. The fields are usually in good condition however occasionally we have to play on the softball fields at the back of the park. We try to play two games to 10 points and depending on circumstance (weather/how many shows/) there is a win by two softcap til a hard cap gets called. We try to stick to the USA Ultimate current edition (11) rules.


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