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Ultimate Frisbee Tuesdays

Contact: Adam Sickle
Website: https://groupme.com/join_group/61675272/kPnTfacy

Tuesdays: Varies, but usually in the 6-10 pm range

Fields: Mix of grass or turf, depending on season
Description: Definitely one of the largest groups you'll ever play with! What started as a group of a dozen people back during the COVID summer of 2020 has grown into a group chat of over 1,200! We average about 60 people and play year round, with more coming in the summer and less in the winter. We split into multiple teams with several games happening at once. We do 15 minute games with 2 minute breaks in between each. We organize via our GroupMe group chat, sharing all details for the weekly games there. We even provide water and usually have music playing on the sidelines. Open to all skill levels. Definitely one of the most community and good sportsmanship focused groups you'll find!


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