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Frisbee Friday at Warner Center Park

Contact: Steverino

Fridays: 12:15pm

Fields: Grass
Description: No rain on Dec 6 so Frisbee Friday is ON!! Come on out for some casual disc toss action.

There is literally zero Ultimate in the west valley and it's a DISGRACE. Let's fix it!

The beginneriest Ultimate meetup you ever saw! I'm an ex-collegiate player trying to get my coworkers into it, so for now the idea is to gather at the lunching hour and just toss, have fun, make friends! If we gather enough for a small game, I'll start bringing cones. But this is for sure an easygoing meetup, we'll be in business casual attire for crying out loud.

I highly encourage anyone to come out. If you're an expert, let's practice our endzone corner hucks and scoobers! If you never threw a disc before, I would be very happy to show you how!

I can put together a mailing list if people start coming out.

Bring: lunch, a smile, big high fives!

Don't bring: a bad attitude, wild animals, a boat!


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