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Ultimate Frisbee Games in Berlin, Germany

Ultimate Meetup @Gleisdreieckpark

Contact: Marc
Mailing List:

Sundays: 15:00 all year (except 24.12.) Valid for 2018
Thursdays: 18:00 from April until Oct (Daylight Savings) Valid for 2018

Fields: Playing on grass, cleats or good shoes mandantory
Description: Hello internet friend,

Come join us on the field and play Ultimate Frisbee!
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##Sunday Pick-up games:
Some throwing around and then games games games! Times change over the year with the daylight but are typically starting between 14:00 - 16:00.

##Thursday Open Training / Practice:
Commit to coming regularly to improve your own skills as well as develop with a Team (Yeahaw). Training always ends with a pick-up game to put those new skills into practice.
We often hang out afterwards in a park or at a local bar.

Everybody who likes to play Ultimate. Beginners and internationals welcome!

Gleisdreieckpark (East), next to abandoned railway tracks. Closest stations are Möckernbrücke or Yorckstr. Exact location subject to change based on field conditions.

##What to bring:
1. A light and a dark t-shirt, so we can divide freely into teams. Please no grey or colorfull shirts.

2. Shoes for playing on grass - cleats are perfect.

3. Fun and more people.

4. Water / suncream if the weather is warm.

YES - we do play outside all year round.
YES - we do play no matter what weather
NO need to confirm beforehand - just show up

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Fritz and Frida Frisbee

Contact: John
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2012998522339139/

Sundays: 1 - 4:30pm

Fields: Grass, the most gorgeous plush grass in all of Berlin
Description: We tweak the rules to encourage everyone to share the frisbee. Our objective on Sunday is to have a fun and social experience with the goal of getting as many people involved as possible and therefore less emphasis on competition. I recommend this game if you feel intimidated playing elsewhere or you just want a more chill and relaxed game. Although strategy is not discouraged, complex strategy (stack, etc.) is generally not embraced to keep the game more friendly and laid back. Treptower Park in Berlin is a wonderful park with lush grass and has great views next to the Spree river. In the summer, we often combine this with a picnic if people so desire. People are welcome to bring other sports and board games to share (such as badminton). In the winter we start earlier (around 1) and may change the starting time in the summer.

There is a FB page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2012998522339139/) but it may not be up to date, so it is best to use Couchsurfing to look up the event or contact me directly for exact times and location (it is mostly in Treptower Park but we may relocate to another park now and then)

CANCELLATION: If there is bad weather we sometimes cancel or reschedule to a different time during the day of the game as the weather can be quite unpredictable up to a few hours prior the game.

Here is the exact location within the park (it's a huge park so make sure you go to the right place).


Or use this map. We meet at this tree and keep our things there (bottom tree on the map)

Closest train is (S41/S42) at the Treptower Park stop.

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