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Ultimate Frisbee Games in Iowa City, IA

Longfellow Ultimate

Contact: Tyson Smith
Phone: 319.321.7727

Saturdays: 10 am, Scott Park

Fields: outdoor grass
Description: EVERYTHING BELOW IS WHAT USED TO BE OUR STYLE AND SCHEDULE. ORGANIZERS OF THIS GAME HAVE DETERMINED THST IT ISNT SAFE TO PLAY AT THIS TIME DUE TO Covid 19. So no games for the time being. Look here and at our Facebook group for info when we are able to resume games. Thanks!

Year-round ultimate catering to young and old in Iowa City. Wide range of ages and experience levels. We are welcoming bunch and have been "quieting the existential hum" since the early 1990s.

We usually play for 2 plus hours. When turnout is high, we often have two games going at once.

During the winter we play only on Saturdays with occasional weekday play. Games currently at Scott Park; turn north at the fork in the park driveway and look for the goalposts.

Weeknight games will resume the week of March 23.

There is a facebook group called Longfellow Ultimate you can join.

email contact tysonsm@gmail.com

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CRU Tuesday Pickup

Website: http://crultimate.org

Tuesdays: 5:30-7:30 | April thru late October

Fields: Grass - near playground
Description: To come out and play in a pick-up game, you don’t need to have your own team, be a great thrower, or even have any fancy equipment. You just need to be ready to run a little bit, have some fun, and perhaps make some new friends. Everyone is welcome to join! No need to contact us ahead of time—feel free to just show up.

Here’s what you should bring:
- A white and a dark-colored shirt, to facilitate dividing up teams
- Non metal cleats or athletic shoes
- Water bottle

We will play through rain and cloudy weather, but lightning is another story. If bad weather occurs a cancellation notice will be sent out on our Facebook and Twitter pages two hours prior to the scheduled start time.

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