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Green Park Ultimate

Contact: Jon
Mailing List: http://eepurl.com/gp04h9

Wednesdays: 6:30

Fields: Grass
Description: Ultimate Frisbee in Green Park
(Southern end, near Buckingham Palace)

Every Wednesday June - September as long as it's dry.
6:30pm - dark. Followed by the pub.

The game started life as a casual throw about between friends in Green Park. This started to grow naturally into a proper game, but it has still held on to its slightly more relaxed approach to the game.

Everyone is welcome, so please get in touch if you want to come and play.

Signup to the mailing list to join in. There's a link above.

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Silicon Throwabout

Contact: Jacob
Website: https://meetup.com/silicon-throwabout/

Thursdays: 6pm-8pm
Saturdays: 2pm till pub

Cost: Outdoors in always free, Thursday indoors in the winter costs £5
Fields: Grass (apart from Thursday indoors in the winter which is a basketball court)
Description: *Check the meetup, we have recently been occasionally playing in a different nearby park*

*It's the winter now, so Thurday evenings are indoors in a nearby sports centre, check the meetup for details and signup, it costs for £5 indoors to cover the hall rental*

Mixture of levels from experienced, ex-club players to complete beginners (who often find us through meetup). We usually have enough for a 7-a-side game with a few subs. We sometimes keep score, but no one pays too much attention to that. We always go to the pub after.

We're also very beginner friendly; everyone being involved in a point is more important than winning it!

We generally start a bit late, but people will definitely be there! (We'll cancel the meetup if it's really not happening.) Don't get put off by not many people marked as 'going' on meetup.

Bring a light and a dark top to make mixing up teams easier (if you can).

And feel free to join us in a nearby pub garden afterwards for some drinks :)

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Jekyll and Hyde Pickup

Contact: Jonathan
Mailing List: Yes - send me an email and I’ll add you

Sundays: 12.00-14.30

Fields: Grass
Description: Hi,

We have a pickup game in hyde park which runs on Sundays from 12 (or as soon as after 12 as we get enough for a game) until around 14.30.

It's a pretty casual pick up game so beginners are more than welcome. We have experienced players who are happy to help and explain things.

Please contact me if you are interested in playing and I can confirm if the game is on.

As long as the weather is good and we have enough people we play all year round.

Any other questions please let me know.


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Ultimately Fabulous Frisbee

Contact: Vish/Laura/Caroline/Rob
Phone: https://t.me/hydeparkfrisbee
Website: https://www.hydeparkfrisbee.com/

Mondays: 6.30 - 7pm kickoff

Fields: Grass
Description: Season 22/23, 2021, is NOT ON due to COVID-19!

Hopefully we’ll be back next year in 2022, but everyone’s health is far more important! Stay safe!

Join the Facebook group or follow the Telegram channel here for broadcasts: https://t.me/hydeparkfrisbee

Join us for a friendly, beginners-welcome game of Ultimate Frisbee (also every Monday to end of September). Everyone welcome. Pub afterwards!

If you're new to Ultimate Frisbee, there are plenty of people to help you learn and plenty of beginners - so you won't be alone! Just shout out on the day to Alistair, Caroline, Laura, Rob, Vish or Steve and we'll happily show you the basics.

Hyde Park - Old Football Pitches (last pitch on the left side), South Carriage Drive. 300metres south of Diana Memorial Fountain. 12min walk from Knightsbridge tube station.

Look for a frisbee being thrown - just say hello! Bring trainers and wear stuff to run around in. Some water is a good idea!

If game is cancelled due to forecast bad evening weather, a message will be posted on meetup group and Facebook group at 5pm. No message means we’ve checked forecast and THE GAME IS ON!


This incarnation of Ultimately Fabulous Frisbee has been going on the same spot since 1999.

Played every Monday night through the summer, check the email list in case it rains.

Summer ~= April - Late September

We do *not* take it seriously, the emphasis is on fun. Guys and girls come along, and newbies are encouraged to come along and bring their friends. We're very friendly. Don't worry if you can't throw a frisbee. Neither could I when I started, or most of the others.

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Hyde Park Frisbee

Contact: Frisbee High Council
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hydeparkfrisbee/?ref=group_cover

Mondays: 6.30pm-sunset

Fields: Grass
Description: Ultimately Fabulous Frisbee is played every Monday between April and October at 6:30pm in Hyde Park (weather permitting). All ages and levels of ability welcome! Come join us!

Please note that we play a fabulous variant of Ultimate Frisbee designed to make it a little faster - come try it if you dare!

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Contact: Dan and Sonja

Tuesdays: 18.45 - till dark or we get tired

Description: Clapham Frisbee runs a social game Tuesday evenings from 18.45 in Summer. We will be near the cricket pitches between Cedar's Road and the Kiosk on Clapham Common. (We tend to move around a little bit depending on where the footballers and Ozzie rules folk are.)

We play every Tuesday as long as there is enough daylight (April to Sept). In winter we play on Sundays if we can get the numbers.

All abilities are welcome - from experienced to beginners! Bring friends, family and flatmates along!

**Please email us to join the mailing list**

Discs are provided just bring water and appropriate footwear. Games are FREE and followed by Kiosk or Pub visit.

During Winter we play on Sunday's at 13.00-15.00.

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Thundering Herd Open Sessions

Contact: Alex & Chung
Website: https://thunderingherd.co.uk/#calendar

Saturdays: 12:00

Fields: Grass
Description: Fun, competitive ultimate with London's best(-dressed) team.

Open to attendees of all experience levels, from total beginners to national-level players. We play mixed-gender ultimate frisbee and you'll catch us chilling on the common or in a pub after our sessions too.

If you're looking for high-quality, accessible sessions, come along.
We work on fundamentals as well game-fitness so expect a greater focus on drills earlier in the season and more gametime later on.

Please check our calendar for latest training sessions

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Pyramus And Frisbee

Contact: Nick Bond
Phone: 07880967785
Website: http://www.pafultimate.com
Mailing List:

Saturdays: 1200

Fields: Grass
Description: Shockingly not happening at the moment.
Try again after covid!

Come play with us. We welcome new recruits year round. Plus we are an awesome team with our main focus on having fun and achieving glory, rather than playing to win at all costs.

Closed Tour team training runs from 10am on Saturdays, rotating between Clapham South and Regent's Park.
Open Pick at the same location as training from 12pm.
All training & pickup sessions are free. The beer, unfortunately, is not.

We play in all the London Leagues - Winter, Summer and Indoors. And we also play in some fun tournaments every year.

Double check which location we'll be at here:

Or on the yahoo group mailing list, send a blank email to:

Cheers and see you on the Common,

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Fulham Flyers

Contact: james
Website: look us up on facebook

Tuesdays: 6.00pm

Description: Fulham Flyers is a relaxed, mixed, pick up with a strong social side that started in 2006. Ideal if you want to learn and competitive enough if you are experienced. About a third of us learned the game with the Flyers so new folks are very welcome. We don't train or do leagues. We get between 16-35 depending on the day, we play regardless of the weather. Start at 6 and play till dark, turn up whenever suits. Runs from April to October every year meeting at Eel Brook Common in Fulham. Best way to get in touch is join the facebook group "fulham flyers".

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0° - Zero Degrees Ultimate

Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1576202395968776/

Sundays: 11 am
Wednesdays: 18:15 - Dark (Game moves to Charlton Park in the winter months throwing from 6:30, game starts no later than 7, see description and check Facebook group for event times)

Fields: Grass
Description: We are an Ultimate Frisbee group playing pick up games in Greenwich, Southeast London

Zero Degrees - The First Frisbee Team in the World!

We play every Sunday throughout the year at Royal Greenwich Park, between the Queen's House and the Royal Observatory. Meet-ups are currently from 11:00am, but check the event page for exact times (which can change from time to time based on popular demand). Absolutely anyone is welcome to come and play with us, please sign up on the event page to confirm you are coming.
Games are located between the Royal Observatory and the Queen's House on the Prime Meridian:

In season (roughly April to October), we also play on Wednesday evenings in Greenwich Park from 18:15ish till it gets dark (or until the call of the pub can be resisted no more). Absolutely anyone is welcome to come and play with us, please sign up on the event page to confirm you are coming.

On Wednesday evenings in the winter 'off-season' we often play up the road at the lighted fields in Charlton Park. As there is a charge to book the lighted fields, we ask players to chip in £5 each for playing on Winter Wednesdays (however, first-timers to our game at Charlton Park are free). Check the group for event postings.

Events are posted in the facebook group where you can confirm times, etc: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1576202395968776/

Last Updated: 14th December 2019

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Earlsfield/Wandsworth (London) Pick-up

Contact: Mara
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EarlsfieldPickUp/

Sundays: 11:00am

Fields: Grass
Description: Ultimate Frisbee pick-up games in Earlsfield (London, UK). Sunday mornings at King George's Park from 11am (just west of the Wandle Recreation Centre, SW18 4DN) - about a 10-minute walk from Southfields (District Line) or Earlsfield or Wandsworth Town (train). There is also free Sunday parking on Burr Road, or pay-and-display parking by the Nuffield Health & Fitness Centre.

Our aims are to have fun, play some Ultimate Frisbee and get a great run-around! This group is open to all levels, from beginner to elite and retired.

We'll play for about 1.5-2 hours, then head to the pub for refreshments. We recommend bringing a light and dark, water, boots and a disc if you have one.

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Wimbledon ultimate

Contact: Wimbledon Ultimate
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/242106236304092/

Saturdays: 10:30am - 12:00pm

Description: Wimbledon Ultimate
We are a friendly group who have a passion for
building community through Ultimate Frisbee. It's
all about fun, fitness and making friends! All
abilities are welcome from beginners to pros. Do
join us and invite others :)
Location: Dundonald Recreational Ground
(nearest stations are Wimbledon, Raynes Park and
Wimbledon Chase)
We meet: Sat 10:30am - 12pm.
We start with an intro to frisbee (if needed),
throwing practice/ drills before going into games.
We often go for a drink or lunch at the pub after.
Cost: UK Ultimate basic membership required
(£6.50 from Sept each year).
If you have any questions, feel free to post in this
group, or email dundonald.ultimate@gmail.com
Small print:
We ask that all under 18s are accompanied by
an adult and encourage them to join in too!
- We want everyone to have fun whilst also being
safe. So we ask to look out for yourself and
others, but if you get injured at all (hopefully not),
we, other associated organisations, and those
attending the session will not be responsible.

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Ealing Ultimate pick-up

Contact: Ealing Ultimate Facebook group
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ealing.ultimate/

Tuesdays: 18:30-20:00 (or dark)

Fields: Grass
Description: Fairly casual pick-up, all details on the Facebook group. Check the page for numbers each week during the spring and summer.

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Richmond, Old Deer Park pick-up

Contact: Mara/Alex
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RichmondUltimateFrisbee/

Sundays: 10:30

Fields: Grass
Description: Sunday mornings at Old Deer Park from 10:30am (just southwest of Pools on the Park, TW9 2SF) - about a 5-minute walk from Richmond Station on the District Line/SouthWest Trains.

We'll play for about 1.5-2 hours, then head to the pub for refreshments.

All levels welcome!

Bring a light and dark, water, boots and a disc if you have one.

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Slip Discers

Contact: Zeph King
Phone: 07977 298045
Mailing List:

Mondays: 7pm

Cost: £5-6 in winter/no cost in summer
Fields: Grass/Astro in winter
Description: We are a mixed group of players who have been playing together for a number of years. After 14 years of playing we are now a club! New members and guests are always welcome. We love it when more experienced players can come down and show us a trick, set move, or two! We also warmly welcome beginners - young, old, male and female. Everyone is welcome. A drink after at the local is always encouraged! Hopefully we work well for travelers who are just passing/working in London for a short time, and can't handle missing their weekly fix...

WE ARE CURRENTLY PLAYING WITH CLUB MEMBERS ONlY DUE TO COVID-19. We hope to start welcoming new players soon. If you’re interested in becoming a member please contact Zeph.

PLEASE NOTE In the winter we play on a flood lit pitch around 15 minutes drive from our summer location. We play at The Heathland School in Hounslow (beware there is another heathland school!).

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