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Casual Ultimate Frisbee -Summer Only right now

Contact: Tyler

Sundays: 8:00pm-10:00pm
Wednesdays: 8:00pm-10:00pm

Fields: turf
Description: Summer Frisbee has ended for us at Heritage Middle School.

The summer is rolling around to an end and a lot of us are heading out to go back to school. I hope to see all of you that checked us out and more of you next year!

Every Wednesday night and Sunday night a small group of friends gets together and plays ultimate at Heritage Middle School. We started playing about 2 years ago and have continued these games since.

Quick points:
-Shoe wear is whatever you prefer. if you want cleats we play on a turf field
-Beginner friendly - we will teach new people how to play and keep a positive environment
-We are adults -non-family friendly language will be used occasionally
-Game will mostly start at 8:15pm at the latest if we have 8 people
-We practice throws at 7:40pm before the game
-Most games are anywhere from 4v4-6v6 players
-There is a soccer group that plays before us. We will always wait till they are done before playing (that's why we have throwing practice before hand)

Other Games:
If not enough people show up during our normal games we will play catch or hot box

Most of the player base is in college. We have high school players and some older players. Therefore most games only happen on holiday breaks. If there is enough interest with new players someone who stays in Liberty or surrounding area might be able to keep the games up during the school years.

-Listing will be updated as more information comes along. Keep checking back weekly.


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