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Ultimate Frisbee & Picnic in Treptower Park, Berlin

Contact: John

Saturdays: starting time 1pm (winter), 3pm (summer), can change (contact me)

Cost: free
Fields: grass, beautiful lush grass, perhaps the best in all of Berlin
Description: This is a very social friendly mixed gender game for anyone at any level and beginners are quite welcome. We play an infinity endzone version which is a bit lax and encourages sprinting. Although strategy is not discouraged, complex strategy (stack, etc.) is generally not embraced to keep the game more friendly and laid back. Treptower Park in Berlin is a wonderful park with lush grass and has great views next to the Spree river. In the summer, we often combine this with a picnic if people so desire. People are welcome to bring other sports and board games to share (such as badminton). In the winter we start earlier (around 1 or 1:30) and in the summer around 3pm.

CANCELLATION: If there is bad weather we often cancel sometimes during the day of the game as the weather can be quite unpredictable up to a few hours prior the game. The game is often posted both on couchsurfing and through meetup. You can look for it on both sites or contact me via email to get up to date information on the times of the game.

Here is the exact location within the park (it's a huge park so make sure you go to the right place).


If coming by the ring (S41/S42), get off at the Treptower Park stop, walk next to the water, past the boats moored along the bank of the Spree, go a bit beyond that, there is an open field bounded by trees on both sides past a walking path. Look for us there. There is often a pickup soccer game next to us. And look at the map link. Oh and don't forget to bring your smiles.


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