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East Bay Pickup Ultimate

Contact: Craig

Sundays: 10am-12pm
Saturdays: 10am-12pm

Fields: Grass, outdoors
Description: Hello, ultimate players! I recently moved out to the Mountain House area and have been struggling to find a consistent game within 45 minutes of me, so I figured I would look into starting one myself. I would love to see if there are any other active players out here, as everything else remotely local seems like they don't play more often than they do.

I am not expecting any games until I find out how many people are interested, but I figured I would start this listing up to see if I get responses to at least start throwing, and hopefully we can get numbers for a game from there as time goes on.

All skill levels and genders welcome! Pretty much all ages too, as long as they can play with adults in a game and keep up.

I am open to either Bethany or Altamont parks. Game times are listed as tentative options until further notice, and I am open to other times. I am also open to relocating to Livermore at Ida Holm Neighborhood Park in Livermore if people from that area are interested.

Tell me if I am the only person out here who wants to play!


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