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Balboa Park (Sundays @ 10:30) with SD Frisbee Crew

Contact: Norman Powers
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/164680923558809/

Sundays: 10:30

Fields: Grass but there are patches of dirt as well.
Description: -------------------------------Beginner Friendly------------------------------

We play every Sunday 10:30 & Thurs 5:00 (during daylight savings time) at 6th & Kalmia in Balboa Park. If our group were rated on a arbitrary scale of 1-10 (1 being beginner, 5 intermediate, 10 Pros) we would be a 3. We're mostly 20-30 young professionals. We're skilled enough to catch, throw, and sometimes run routes yet laid back/respectful towards each other to not yell/be aggressive to your fellow players.

We play 6vs6 due to field size. Stall count is 7. Don't really force too often. We tend to grind/swing plays and work on short game rather than hucking/throwing amubulance passes (though those happen too).

If you've played intramurals, college, or on a league, we're still fun to practice your throws with. Or if you just wanna check it out, feel free to watch.

You can use turf or trail running shoes. Please bring a dark & white shirt (NO GRAYS) to even teams.


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