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Balboa Park with SD Frisbee Crew

Contact: Norman Powers
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/164680923558809/

Thursdays: 5:00pm

Fields: Grass but there are patches of dirt as well.
Description: -------------------------------Beginner Friendly------------------------------

We play every Sunday Thurs 5:00 (during daylight savings time) at 6th & Maple in Balboa Park. If our group were rated on a arbitrary scale of 1-10 (1 being beginner, 5 intermediate, 10 Pros) we would be a 3. We're mostly 20-30 young professionals. We're skilled enough to catch, throw, and sometimes run routes yet laid back/respectful towards each other to not yell/be aggressive to your fellow players.

We play 6vs6 due to field size. Stall count is 7. Don't really force too often. We tend to grind/swing plays and work on short game rather than hucking/throwing amubulance passes (though those happen too).

If you've played intramurals, college, or on a league, we're still fun to practice your throws with. Or if you just wanna check it out, feel free to watch.

No cleats. Tears up the field.
You can use turf or trail running shoes. Please bring a dark & white shirt (NO GRAYS) to even teams.


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