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Woodstock Ultimate

Contact: Mark Bernard
Phone: 914.458.2215
Website: http://WoodstockUltimate.org/
Mailing List: http://WoodstockUltimate.org/contact/

Sundays: 3:00pm

Fields: Beautiful level grass, fresh air, and rich mountain vistas.
Description: The 2019 fall season includes our Sunday afternoon games, and sometimes our Tuesday and Thursday games at 3:00pm. There may also be some games at special days and times, depending on the weather and holidays. Be sure to sign-up to our mailing list to keep on top of each one. Attendance can vary greatly based on who's around, and what the weather is.

This is a very relaxed coed games of mixed skill levels. Games might start a little late some days; so don't give up if no one's on-time. The web site is always very up-to-date, so check there for the latest on upcoming games. There's an online attendance signup form for our email list subscribers, so please join our mailing list to know when special games are happening, to build the excitement, and keep the games going strong through days where the weather isn't perfect.


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