Thu, 16 Sep 2021 11:18:06 -0400 - New York, NY Local pickup ultimate games for New York, NY. Manhattan Comp Pickup 40.7769871581 -73.9709582344 Manhattan Comp Pickup


Sundays: Noon: Central Park
Wednesdays: Evenings: East River Park

Cost: Varies
Fields: Natural Grass or Turf
Description: Long-running co-ed Ultimate Frisbee pickup for experienced players with competitive skills. Sociable games on protected grass field near Midtown Manhattan. Easy access from Queens and Brooklyn.

A background in organized play is required, as are reliable throwing/catching/cutting ability at an advanced level. Travelers welcome.

Email for detailed info on times and places. Please include a line about your playing experience and level--any contact without that will not get a response.

Hoboken Ultimate Frisbee 40.7411007000 -74.0265709000 Hoboken Ultimate Frisbee

Contact: Richard

Tuesdays: 7:15AM
Thursdays: 7:15AM
Fridays: 8:15PM

Fields: Outdoors turf
Description: Free, coed pickup games @ Sinatra Field in Hoboken EVERY Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30AM (yes, mornings!) and EVERY Friday night at 8:15PM. White and black shirts for teams. All levels welcome. New players always welcome. Morning games: Arrive 7:15 for warmup. Play until 8:30 (or stay longer for practice). Evening games: Arrive 8:15 for warmup. Play until 10. We play year-round as long as field is free of snow and temperature is above 40.

Live communication via GroupMe.

Messenger me via Facebook (Hoboken Ultimate Frisbee) for questions.

East River/Downtown Ultimate 40.7189217000 -73.9743830000 East River/Downtown Ultimate

Contact: Kyung M Cho
Phone: 917.208.4833

Sundays: 9am
Saturdays: 9am

Fields: Turf
Description: Looking to start a pickup game for players of all level. I have 30+ years of experience as a player and 15+ years as a coach at the youth level. Please email me at if you are interested. Looking at various locations - East River Park, 20th and 2nd Ave.

Friendly NYC Ultimate - Summer weekends @ Riverside Park 40.7918934893 -73.9602933036 Friendly NYC Ultimate - Summer weekends @ Riverside Park

Contact: David
Mailing List:

Sundays: 2:00 - 5:00
Saturdays: 1:00 - 4:00 (tentative)

Fields: Turf
Description: Updated Sept 16th: Fall weekends will be at Central Park North Meadow on Sundays, midafternoon. Still looking for a place to play on Saturdays; default is probably Morningside Park.


One of the longest-running pickup games anywhere (Since the 80s!), we play year-round on the weekends uptown. We play on weeknights too, but this listing is for our weekend games. Games are co-ed and beginner friendly, with some more experienced people showing up too. People will be tossing by the time listed, and will start once critical mass assembles.

In Summer, we're back at Riverside 108th St field every weekend through the end of August. For Spring, we play Saturdays and Sunday at Morningside Park due to youth soccer owning Riverside.

If you want to know exactly where a game is happening, go to our Meetup page (see website link), go to the particular date's meetup event, and look at the comments - attendees coordinate through that.

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings we play (usually) at Riverside 108th, see the separate listing.

McCarren Monday Night Pickup 40.7198107000 -73.9512706000 McCarren Monday Night Pickup

Contact: Julie E Sussman
Phone: 646.526.7342

Mondays: 7:00pm to 10:00 pm

Cost: Sliding scale plus USAU membership
Fields: Outdoor turf lit fields
Description: McCarren Monday night pickup is some of the higher quality pickup we have in NYC. On busy nights we get upwards of 50 players and field two full games. Get all the latest info by joining the facebook group here:

Friendly NYC Ultimate - Tues & Thurs @ Riverside 108th 40.8036810683 -73.9715390079 Friendly NYC Ultimate - Tues & Thurs @ Riverside 108th

Contact: Steve
Phone: 339.222.9779
Mailing List:

Tuesdays: 5:30-dark
Thursdays: 5:30-dark

Fields: Turf
Description: Sept 16th: Game is still LOCALS / EXISTING PLAYERS ONLY due to field space availability on weeknights... if you're a local, feel free to stop by. Out-of-town visitors are welcome on weekends.


One of the longest-running pickup games anywhere (Since the 80s!), we play year-round on the weekends uptown, but this listing is for our weeknight games. Games are co-ed and beginner friendly, with some more experienced people showing up too. Bring cleats, water, and a light and dark shirt.

For Spring and Summer, we play on Tuesdays and Thursdays from after-work till dark. We'll try to play Riverside Park's 108th st field unless there's no room, sometimes we'll move it to the 103rd st field. Rarely, we'll move it to Morningside Park, 10 mins away.

If you want to know exactly where a game is happening, go to our Meetup page (see website link), go to the particular date's meetup event, and look at the comments - attendees coordinate through that.

On the weekends we play at Riverside (for the summer) or Morningside Park (in spring), see the separate listing.

Bedstuy/Bushwick Family Friendly Ultimate Pickup 40.6878157000 -73.9258747000 Bedstuy/Bushwick Family Friendly Ultimate Pickup

Contact: David Miller
Phone: 307.399.7373
Mailing List:

Tuesdays: 7ish-9 PM
Saturdays: Coming soon!

Fields: Turf
Description: We're a new and small group looking for interested players to start 1-2 games per week. Games will be family friendly but still generally competitive. Definitely a laid back atmosphere with all skill levels are welcome. Invite your friends. Looking forward to having some outdoor fun with people again! As the group grows we may adjust times so be sure to join the email list or the facebook group for updates.

Red Hook Ultimate 40.6719326000 -74.0021448000 Red Hook Ultimate

Contact: George

Sundays: 8:30-10AM

Fields: Grass
Description: This is a beginner men’s ultimate group that meets on Sunday mornings on field 6 in Red Hook park. Play is friendly. Contact to RSVP.

No game on 7/4

Morning Disc (Brooklyn) 40.6602037000 -73.9689558000 Morning Disc (Brooklyn)

Contact: Mark Dicus
Mailing List:!forum/morning-disc

Tuesdays: 7am to 8:30am
Wednesdays: 7am to 8:30am
Thursdays: 7am to 8:30am
Fridays: 7am to 8:30am

Fields: Grass or turf, depends on time of year.
Description: New to Brooklyn, or interested in trying ultimate frisbee or picking it up again after time away from the game? Come join our morning game. We play Tuesday to Friday at 7 a.m., and weekends around 9 a.m., in or near Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Players of all skill levels and experience are welcome.

We use the google group to organize games and communicate game on/off calls. There is a limited number of game organizers who are permitted to post to the group. If you are interested in playing, reply by email to the organizer (do not post on the Google group) and look for an email/post by the organizer to the group for a game on/off call. If game on call is made, you know what to do...come out and play.

Montclair 40.8396543000 -74.2102270000 Montclair

Contact: Eric Kim

Sundays: 9 am
Saturdays: 9 am

Fields: Grass
Description: Community game open to all skill levels! Former club players to beginners playing together at Anderson Park in Upper Montclair. And the game is year round (sun, snow, rain, whatever) on the weekends with the occasional weekday evening game during the summer. Start time is 9a, which is when people are starting to roll in to stretch, cleat up and start throwing. First pull by 915! (at least that's the goal ...)

Pelham Ultimate 40.9017066076 -73.8078689575 Pelham Ultimate

Contact: Peter Collery
Mailing List: see website

Sundays: Afternoon
Wednesdays: ~8:30 PM
Fridays: Intermittent 7:15AM games.

Cost: see description
Fields: turf/grass
Description: VACCINATED PLAYERS ONLY! Subject only to that restriction, there are no other covid-related restrictions on play.

A wildly diverse group of people playing a game which bears a passing resemblance to Ultimate. Anybody with a good heart and an enthusiastic attitude is welcome.

We typically play three or four times a week at times and places which vary with the seasons, including indoors in a dome during the winter. Those games cost $20 for gainfully employed adults, but the first one is free and there are volume discounts and scholarships for the needy. The schedule as of July 1 is shown.

Things change. Best bet is to send us an email.

Family Friendly (still competitive) Ultimate 41.0095775000 -73.7652528000 Family Friendly (still competitive) Ultimate

Contact: Alon Krausz

Saturdays: 4pm

Fields: Grass
Description: This is a family friendly ultimate frisbee game that began in 2010 with some local synagogue goers. Participants are a mix of pre-teens and teens, their parents, and everything in between. It is a very friendly game, but still quite competitive, and many participants have been playing for decades and were on college or other competitive teams.

Games go on as long as the weather permits, typically taking a winter hiatus from Dec to March or so.

If interested, please email Alon at to be added to the email list.

Come check us out!

Newbridge Ultimate 40.6542363000 -73.5340596000 Newbridge Ultimate

Contact: David

Thursdays: 7:00pm-10:00pm

Fields: Grass
Description: ***Returning to play starting June 3rd****

We are at our normal home at Newbridge Park in Bellmore!!

When entering the park, turn right into the first parking lot, we will likely be by the light poles in the outfield of the baseball/softball field. DO NOT go past the ice arena!!

Please bring a white and a dark shirt! Cleats ok (but no metal spikes!)

We are a fun group with a large ranges in age (17-55) and skill (Our group has players ranging from beginners, up to college and club players.

Please contact me if you'd like to be added to the weekly email list.

***Given the COVID world that we continue to deal with, we will be resuming with some new rules. Familiarize yourselves and understand that for now, they are expected to be followed:

- We will be playing with MASKS ON, regardless of level of vaccination.

- We will be collecting info for Contact Tracing in case of a positive test result. Please see the designated person that day.

- 7pm Start - if you plan on coming, it is more important now than ever to RSVP to the email.

- Sideline Etiquette - Keep six feet apart whether or not masked until clarified by the individual. We don't know the level of comfort of the players and people on and off the field, so please be as respectful as possible, and always err on the side of caution.

We are also adding the following as an option for all players: 
- Subs on the Fly - if you're unsure what this means, think of hockey. There will be a sub box. This is considered an area of play. Masks must be worn here.***

Rockland Ultimate 41.1435349484 -73.9463974667 Rockland Ultimate

Contact: Michael

Sundays: 2:00-4:30 pm (weather permitting)
Wednesdays: 6:00-8:00 pm (weather permitting)

Fields: grass
Description: Game is 7 v 7 Ultimate Frisbee - we have a good mix of veterans & newbies. All are welcome. We always try to make an enjoyable experience for those new to the game and also have plenty of skilled players to make for a competitive game. Bring a WHITE shirt, DARK shirt, water, and appropriate attire. Cleats are also helpful.

Always check the meetup for up to date information and possible field change. (

Can also follow our group on FB:

Chappaqua Pick-up Ultimate 41.1744600388 -73.7529104894 Chappaqua Pick-up Ultimate

Contact: Phil
Mailing List:!forum/chappaquapickup

Sundays: 10:30

Fields: Grass - bring cleats
Description: Game is fun and competitive - all levels are welcome.
We play every Sunday. Rain or shine. Holidays included.
Once the ground freezes or is covered by snow, we go into hibernation.

Park to the left and walk to the back fields.
Bring water, cleats, and BOTH a light and dark shirt (no gray).
Please do not bring dogs.


New Brunswick Ultimate Pickup 40.4431464000 -74.4353425000 New Brunswick Ultimate Pickup

Contact: Dan
Mailing List:

Sundays: 9:00
Wednesdays: 5:30 (no game when sunset is early)

Cost: $1 or $2 donation requested
Fields: grass

see the website above for the most current info and for directions.

As of March, 2021 we play at Albert Avenue Park in in Milltown on Sundays and in Highland Park at Donaldson Park on Wednesdays. For complete directions to fields, please see the Meetup website.

The Sunday alternate if the park is being used is Community Park in North Brunswick on Rt 130 south of Adams Crossing.

But really, you should always check to meetup website as I don't update this posting very often.

For now we are at 9 am on Sunday morning but that is likely to change in the fall.

See website listed above for current info

Every single game is listed as a separate event on our meetup board.

very important to check that web page before showing up

the same meetup group runs pickup in Donaldson Park in Highland Park on Wednesday evenings during the warmer/lighter half of the year

Sparta NJ (Facebook Page-Sparta Ultimate) 41.0576008000 -74.6106455000 Sparta NJ (Facebook Page-Sparta Ultimate)

Contact: Ken Savastano

Saturdays: 8PM

Description: ON HOLD DUE TO COVID-19
Current Schedule:
Saturday @ 11 AM.

We usually play at Sparta Middle School in Sparta on the back fields (we are unsanctioned so we have to jump over to Station Park if the Middle School fields are being used). From May until October, we play a weeknight game (or 2) and a weekend game.

During the darker months (after Halloween) we switch to just a Saturday or Sunday game determined by a weekly poll on the Facebook page, 'Sparta Ultimate'. ON OCCASION we may go to the indoor fields at The Fieldhouse in Sparta when the weather is really bad. There will be a charge if the game is there ($20/person for 2 hours)

We post an event to our Facebook page to track attendees. We have new high school players to Grand Masters ... everyone is welcome!

Westport Ultimate 41.1605537197 -73.3306929989 Westport Ultimate

Contact: Tim Schiftner
Phone: 203.224.9621

Sundays: 12:00 Wakeman Park
Tuesdays: 6:00 PM Wakeman Park
Thursdays: 6:00 PM Wakeman Park

Description: Fairly casual pickup. We tend to have a range of skill levels, from college players to people relatively new to the game. Check for game scheduling info.

Broadmead Frisbeeheads 40.3480813615 -74.6460485458 Broadmead Frisbeeheads

Mailing List:

Sundays: 3:00PM during DST, 2:00PM during EST
Tuesdays: 6PM, seasonal
Thursdays: 6PM, seasonal

Fields: Grass
Description: We are a fun-loving group who plays pickup Ultimate Frisbee in Princeton, New Jersey. All skill levels are welcome, the only requirement is a commitment to the "spirit of the game." The game schedule varies with the seasons so please check the Frisbeeheads website for details. Email list signup on website.

Casual Ultimate Mercer 40.2780541000 -74.6378473000 Casual Ultimate Mercer

Contact: Andhi
Phone: 516.690.6589

Saturdays: 10 AM

Fields: Grass
Description: All skill level and ages welcome!

We're a group of very casual disc players! Mostly beginners with interest in having a good time.
Typically, we play on a reduced field size according to attendance and skill level of players.
We toss the disc for about 15 minutes to warmup before I set up the field. Please text me ahead of time if you're joining!