Thu, 08 Jul 2021 09:17:38 -0400 - Rochester, NY Local pickup ultimate games for Rochester, NY. Rochester NY Pickup 43.1405144493 -77.5758790970 Rochester NY Pickup

Contact: Joel Shore
Phone: 585.747.7881
Mailing List:

Sundays: 11AM
Fridays: 6:15PM

Fields: grass (or snow!)
Description: In Rochester, we play pickup outdoors year-around at least one day a week but location and times vary. Please check the website for details; the e-mail mailing list given should have the most up-to-date information.

As of July 2021, pickup is Fridays at 6:15PM and Sundays at 11AM at Cobbs Hill Park. Our first choice will be the Culver Rd. Field (on the southeast corner of Culver and Norris Rds) with the Tay House Field (behind the school on Hillside Dr) and the outfields of the softball fields that lie between Norris Rd and I-490 as backups if the Culver Rd field is taken (or too muddy or icy).

We will be playing under the GRADA return-to-play guidelines for the adult leagues that were articulated in the recent GRADA e-mail communication, so basically masks optional (except that we strongly request that you continue to wear a mask if you are not fully vaccinated), and no longer requiring disc sanitation or a 6-ft mark. The one difference from the leagues is that we will just have a physical sign-in sheet to keep track of who is there rather than using the site. We also do ask that you not come to pickup if you are experiencing symptoms that could be due to COVID-19.