Wed, 19 Jun 2024 11:22:08 -0400 - Seattle, WA Local pickup ultimate games for Seattle, WA. Seattle U Pickup 47.6067654000 -122.3173916000 Seattle U Pickup

Contact: Matt Hollar

Mondays: 6:00
Wednesdays: 8:00

Fields: Turf with lights
Description: Skill levels range from intermediate to club. Check the Facebook group before you go; sometimes we change the times based on field availability.

South Seattle Pickup 47.5520110000 -122.3155460000 South Seattle Pickup

Contact: Chet Lim

Sundays: 2pm
Tuesdays: Summer 5pm-7:30pm

Fields: Grass/Turf
Description: Casual pickup game in South Seattle. Beginners welcome!

Please bring light/dark shirt, water, and cleats if you have them!

Community Rules:
1. Play safe. No dangerous plays. Please avoid jumps or plays where you might collide with others.

2. Respect other players. Healthy debates are natural and it's OK to talk to people respectfully about mistakes, etc. but please no yelling at teammates. High fiving of teammates (even opposing team) encouraged!

3. Have fun. It’s a beginner friendly game, try to match up to someone of your skill level. If possible , give beginners more room to throw and catch. Beginners: feel free to ask when you have questions.

** Please see Facebook group for latest field information**

Sunday 2pm game, often at Cleveland High School, but occasionally we move to Rainier Playfield/Genesee/ Van Asselt when there are field conflicts.

We generally throw for first 15-20 mins, so this is a great time for beginners to come and practice throwing and ask questions.

Age have ranged in the past from 9 to 55+. :)

Skill level: Beginner to intermediate.

Volunteer /Jimi Hendrix Sunday Pickup 47.6310836000 -122.3163794000 Volunteer /Jimi Hendrix Sunday Pickup

Contact: Arends
Phone: 206.375.0228

Sundays: 11:30-2:00

Fields: Grass
Description: EST. 1992!

We're a group of folks who get together and play ultimate frisbee every Sunday in Seattle; rain or shine, year round. The atmosphere is laid back attitude-wise (we don't worry about out of bounds or counting) but the play is generally skilled and athletic. It's a fun, coed game, and all ages and skill levels are welcome. Just show up on Sunday.

When: 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM Sundays
Where: As of June 2, 2024 Games are at Volunteer Park (on the grass field north of the art museum)
As a rule (one of our few rules) we play at Volunteer Park (1400 E Galer St.) from Spring to Fall and then we move to a more durable field for the winter (Jimi Hendrix Park at 2400 S Massachusetts St. in the Judkins neighborhood).

Robinswood Turf Fields 47.5898141000 -122.1406432000 Robinswood Turf Fields

Contact: Caryn Frey
Phone: 425.922.6940

Fridays: 12:15 to 2:15 pm

Fields: Turf
Description: All levels encouraged. Text for up-to-date information.

Our location for summer (mid-June thru Labor Day) is Tillacum Middle School Football field. If that is not available, we move to Lake Hills Community Park grass field.

At Robinswood fields September thru June.

Renton Goaltimate 47.4824247061 -122.1960373317 Renton Goaltimate

Contact: Kevin Schram von Haupt

Wednesdays: 5:30 PM

Fields: Grass
Description: All play levels welcome!

I recommend bringing a dark & white shirt, water, and cleats.

Send me a message if you want to get on the email list.

Note: Because we play on an unlit field we close down for the season around the end of September when the daylight starts to go. We pick back up in April.

Vashon Pickup 47.4233441000 -122.4570772000 Vashon Pickup

Contact: Nic Warmenhoven
Phone: 206.760.2519

Mondays: 7:00-8:30pm

Fields: Artificial turf in winter, grass March-November
Description: All levels and all ages welcome.

Bothell Morning pick up 47.7659019000 -122.1829111000 Bothell Morning pick up

Contact: Ryan Daniels

Fridays: 7am

Cost: Free
Fields: Turf
Description: All skill levels are welcome! We are a smaller game that is great for newer players. We play on a smaller field and have a modified stall count.

We play all year round, if you want to join just send me an email and we will get you on the list!

*Please be sure to email before showing up. While we do play most Fridays, every no and then we do not have a game.

North Kitsap Saturday Pickup 47.7332938000 -122.6190029000 North Kitsap Saturday Pickup

Contact: Robert Tallon
Phone: 206.427.3878

Saturdays: 7:45a

Fields: Sometimes turf, sometimes grass
Description: All skill levels welcome.

Boeing lunch ultimate 47.9175799000 -122.2629618000 Boeing lunch ultimate

Contact: Brian

Mondays: Noon
Wednesdays: Noon
Fridays: Noon

Fields: Turf
Description: Casual game with a wide range of skills. We play rain or shine. Ask to be added to the email list for gameday updates.

Come for our annual turkey bowl game.

Tacoma Ultimate Frisbee 47.2492603718 -122.4814797582 Tacoma Ultimate Frisbee

Contact: Betty Popenuck

Sundays: 6 pm
Wednesdays: 6 pm

Fields: Franklin Park (Off of S 12th) - Grass Field
Description: This is a fun and casual pick up game for people of all skill levels. Everyone (age 15+) is welcome to join!

We currently play at 6 pm on Wednesdays and Sundays. Follow us on Facebook for updates.

Come join us - just bring a dark and a white shirt!

Snohomish Ultimate 47.9467451000 -122.0781316000 Snohomish Ultimate

Contact: Mark Nielson

Saturdays: 8:00 am - 9:30 am (ish)

Fields: Centennial Middle School or Snohomish High School fields
Description: All levels welcome. Come play, or come learn to play.
We're currently averaging between 20 and 25 players per week.

Currently we are usually playing at the Centennial Middle School.

If the fields at the middle school and the high school are taken we play at Pilchuck Park in Snohomish.

We play rain, shine, cold (above 30 degrees), etc.

The best way to stay informed is to get into the Facebook group "Ultimate - Snohomish" (see the website link)

Find us on Facebook at "Ultimate - Snohomish"

Granite Falls Ultimate 48.0875243000 -121.9874810000 Granite Falls Ultimate

Contact: Devin & Kendra

Sundays: 4:30-7pm

Fields: Turf field
Description: -Recreational group primarily for middle school age and up (our core group is usually 20-40 year olds)

-No skill level required, come to learn or come to watch, anyone is welcome!
**There are a variety of different skill levels and we do our best to evenly match all teams.**

-We play at the Granite Falls High School Turf Field
1401 100th St NE, Granite Falls, WA 98252

-Warm up time is from 4:30-5pm and games are from 5-7pm.

-We play rain or shine.

-Our season goes from the first Sunday of March until the last Sunday of October of each year.

We would love to have anyone that’s interested out to come play!

Stanwood Ultimate 48.2410895000 -122.3706837000 Stanwood Ultimate

Contact: Stanwood Ultimate Admin

Saturdays: 9:00 am

Cost: Free
Fields: Grass, Turf
Description: Friendly pickup games every Saturday morning. Beginner friendly but no little kids (need to be HS age minimum). We have been playing together since 2011! New additions welcome. Over 350 members on Facebook and we consistently get anywhere from 12 to 22 attendees every week.

We need 8 committed players for a game, otherwise we cancel (very rare). Players mostly RSVP on Facebook but you can also RSVP via Instagram or email.

We play at various fields around Stanwood:
Port Susan Middle School (grass)
Stanwood HS Stadium (turf)
Stanwood HS Multipurpose Field (turf)
Stanwood Middle School (grass)
Heritage Park (grass)

^check Facebook to see where we're playing on a given week.

Special games are often announced for Thanksgiving, New Years Day, Memorial Day, etc.



Olympia Pickup Ultimate 47.0733530665 -122.9701236160 Olympia Pickup Ultimate

Contact: Jason Hildreth

Sundays: 2PM
Thursdays: 6PM

Fields: Grass
Description: Pickup in the capital. Open to all skill levels. Doesn't matter if you've never touched a disc.

*05/13/2024 - We are back at it, playing at Evergreen College on Sundays, and Reeves Middle School on Thursdays.

Sundays are typically at the athletic fields at Evergreen College, year round.

To get to the athletic fields, google map to 2824 Fireweed Drive, Olympia, WA 98505. Once you turn left on Fireweed, there is a parking lot on the left. Park there and the fields are across the street.

Thursdays are typically at Reeves Middle School starting the first week of Thursday in April and ending the last Thursday in September.

Please check the Facebook group page for up to date info on pickup and other ultimate related activities in Olympia.