Mon, 13 Sep 2021 16:03:05 -0400 - San Francisco Bay Area, CA Local pickup ultimate games for San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Alameda Beach Pickup 37.7595654916 -122.2651377973 Alameda Beach Pickup

Contact: Various

Sundays: 10:00 am to ~ 1:00 pm
Wednesdays: 6:30 pm to dark (DST)

Fields: Beach
Description: Weekly beach pickup in the East Bay!

Join us on Sunday mornings, with 4's on the line by 10:30 am! Timing matters, now that the beach is more popular with muggles. Evening games happen seasonally, with game on by 6:30 pm.

Who: all experience levels and ages welcome. High SOG a must!

BYO: water, sunscreen, sand socks, anything else! First one who shows with cones sets the field. Most players are vaccinated and maskless, but bring a mask if you're not vaccinated and/or a vulnerable person requests it.

Location: Shore Line Dr. at Sunset Road in Alameda

MW Ultimate (PAUSED for COVID) 37.8265529000 -122.2024399000 MW Ultimate (PAUSED for COVID)

Contact: Marianne Burg
Phone: 510.301.3934

Sundays: 10am
Wednesdays: 9:30am

Fields: Grass
Description: Post COVID update: We are resuming our pickup games.
MW Ultimate started as a beginner women's only game several years ago. We've expanded to include men, and kids for some games. We now have a range of abilities. Our ages run from young to 50+.

It is a beginner-friendly co-ed pick-up game. More experienced players also welcome. Come check it out! Bring a friend. We'd love to meet you.

We don't keep track of score. One of our members regularly calls the score "Fun to Fun." If you can do a basic frisbee throw, you're good to go - we'll teach you everything else. Just come by to give it a try!

Our regular games:
Wednesday, 9:30am, Coaches Field*
Sundays, 10am, Montclair Park, baseball diamond area

If no one's there at the start time, please wait 15 minutes - many folks come after the start.

*We used to play and may return to Shepherd Canyon, Oakland, CA
(located just beyond Oakland Fire Dept, Station #24)

Montclair Dads and Moms and Kids Frisbee 37.8282823754 -122.2116722606 Montclair Dads and Moms and Kids Frisbee

Contact: Chris Gulli

Saturdays: 9:30AM

Fields: Grass
Description: CURRENT LOCATION: Montclair Park

A very casual game of parents (mostly Dads) and kids, ages range from about 3rd to 10th grade, then from about 35-55, with wide varieties of skill and fitness levels.
We start at 9:30am, game usually starts around 9:45-10. We usually wrap up around 11:00-11:30. We play at Montclair Park.

We have a Teamsnap to track availability, send me an email if you have questions or want to join. Occasionally we don't have a quorum and cancel the game, but that's only a couple of times a year.

Here's a recent write-up we had in the local paper:

A few items that best give the flavor of our game,
1) Sidelines are more like guidelines, as long as you catch it, you can throw it back in.
2) We do let the younger kids play by kid rules, which means if they touch it but drop it, we count it as a catch where they touched it. Adults need to petition league commissioner for an exception to play by kid rules. (The kids are getting better since I wrote this so we don't have too many playing like this anymore. and taller. and faster. It really stinks.)
3) We kind of keep score, but some how we always end up in a tie around 10:30 when someone gasps "Next 2 out of 3 wins”.
4) Running is allowed, but not encouraged. (or to put it another way, "It’s been years since I played regularly, and I wasn’t fast then.") Seriously, you can usually match up pretty well with someone in your fitness/skill level.
5) It's about the journey, not the destination.

Foster City Ultimate 37.5574799828 -122.2714678884 Foster City Ultimate

Contact: Rick
Mailing List:!forum/fc-ultimate

Tuesdays: 6:30 - 7:30 PM

Fields: Grass
Description: All skill level. Fun and friendly.
On grassy greens of Leo J. Ryan Park.

Once enough players for a 5-5 game, we'll start.
Sign up in our mailing list.

San Ramon Ultimate 37.7668170602 -121.9566407419 San Ramon Ultimate


Mondays: 12:30-1:30
Wednesdays: 12:30-1:30; different group 5:30-7:30 PM (only during daylight savings time)
Fridays: 12:30-1:45

Fields: Grass when dry, artificial turf when rainy
Description: *****
GAME IS CURRENTLY ON HIATUS. Play will resume as soon as the health situation improves and we're are given the official governmental all-clear signal
All skill levels and ages are welcome!

All games are now played at San Ramon Athan Downs.

During the rainy season, the grass fields (in the above map link) are typically closed, so we play on synthetic turf at:
Sycamore Valley Park - artificial turf
2101 Holbrook Drive
Danville, CA 94526

MWF: Warmups from 12:20-12:30, play from 12:30-1:30 with some fun twists on scoring.
Bring a VERY LIGHT shirt and a VERY DARK, possibly brooding shirt.

Wednesday evenings (ONLY during daylight savings time): 5:30PM-7:30PM, different twists on the rules, different group.

Oakland Pickup at Bushrod Park 37.8458264326 -122.2634373429 Oakland Pickup at Bushrod Park

Contact: Rand Wrobel
Phone: 510.914.2349
Mailing List:

Sundays: 3:00pm
Wednesdays: 5:45pm During Daylight Savings Time only.

Fields: Grass, bumpy (now with "water features")
Description: *** Full normal game rules - Vaccinations expected, else Mask ***

A friendly, regular rules game welcoming ALL SKILL LEVELS. This game has a long (like 30 years) history, and often has new players as well as strong college and club players. Often, both genders.

SUNDAYS: Official start time is currently 3:00pm game - at Bushrod Park - starts sometime after that, usually by 3:30. Be patient. Generally good turnout on Sundays, depending on weather, holidays, etc.

WEDNESDAYS: Game during Daylight Savings Time ONLY: 5:45pm Official start. 6pm+ game start. Historically good turnout on Wed. Faster game typically. Usually both genders.

Games typically get going within ultimate-time half-hour, sometimes longer for Sunday. If gates are closed there is entry under the fence at Racine and in the middle of the park. Also entry from the community center parking lot off of 59th At.

Get Connected:
- Join FACEBOOK for the "Bushrod Ultimate" group ( and/or
- EMAIL LIST: Get in the .

How to join:

Ultimate Frisbee Pickup Game in Pleasanton on Saturdays 37.6706341000 -121.8937927000 Ultimate Frisbee Pickup Game in Pleasanton on Saturdays

Contact: Albert
Phone: 510.912.6777

Saturdays: 9am-12pm

Fields: Grass
Description: Fun game that spans lots of levels. We have newbies and we have club players. We have middle schoolers and a bunch of older (up to 60+) players. Lots of high schoolers who play for local schools and Bay Area club teams. Several players play on local club teams and leagues. But we all get along and make an effort to include all players.

Bring a white and a dark, and a good attitude.

Sometimes starts late, but generally by 9:30.

Fremont Ultimate 37.5467890233 -121.9623870840 Fremont Ultimate

Contact: Daniel Inouye

Saturdays: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Fields: Grass
Description: After over a year off, our pickup game is back on. Please come on time (10am) to maximize everyone's playing time. Beginners are welcome.

For the time being, masks are required while playing and social distancing is required on the sidelines.

Don't forget to bring water, a good attitude, a mask, a white and dark shirt, and cleats if you have them.

Fremont central park is very large. Please refer to this map to find the exact location where we play.

See you Saturday!

Genacles 37.5691224000 -122.3619844000 Genacles

Contact: Andrew Kim
Phone: 908.294.1485
Mailing List:

Wednesdays: 6:30pm

Fields: Grass
Description: UPDATE: 6/30/2021:

* If you have been vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask. If you are unvaccinated, please wear a mask to play.
* If you have COVID symptoms, feel sick, or have been exposed to anyone with COVID, please don't come.
* Any COVID related changes, we reserve the right to adjust when necessary.

When: Wednesdays 6:30PM-sunset. From March till Oct, weather permitting.
Who: Players of all ages and skill levels are welcome to join us.
Where: North School (545 Eucalyptus Ave, Hillsborough CA 94010)
Field: Grass
Bring: a white and colored t-shirt (no gray), water, cleats, sunscreen, and a sense of humor. A lawn chair, extra frisbees, and cones are great too.

As of Dec 2020, it looks like the Yahoo groups is no longer around. Please join our mailing list or our Facebook group to be involved with any up-to-date notifications on pickup.


Berkeley Saturday 37.8834048533 -122.2772445497 Berkeley Saturday

Contact: Nathanael
Mailing List:

Saturdays: 11:45

Fields: Grass
Description: Come join the game. We welcome all skill levels. No special equipment needed, but cleats, along with a dark and light shirt, are helpful. Yes, bring a friend!
When: Saturdays at 11:45 am
Where: MLK Middle School 1) check big field in the middle of the track first then 2) upper field nearer to Rose and Carlotta

Why: Peace, love, and frisbees

Sign up for a day-before email and last minute relocation info here:

See you there!

Noon Time Ultimate Frisbee 37.7130652000 -121.8556845000 Noon Time Ultimate Frisbee

Contact: Tom
Mailing List:

Tuesdays: 12:00 pm (noon)
Thursdays: 12:00 pm (noon)
Fridays: 12:00 pm (noon)

Fields: turf field
Description: *** NOTE ***
Given the recent easing of restrictions and increased vaccination, we're starting to play games again. We're almost at "full force" and playing some good sized games (4-on-4 and bigger). We're also starting to play on Fridays too!

Please fee free to subscribe to the mailing list to know when we'll be on the field.

Stay safe!

We play at Fallon Sports Park at 4605 Lockhart St. Dublin CA., either on the soccer field below the tennis courts or the lower field, below the soccer field below the tennis courts. We have a great group of people from local companies around the Dublin, Pleasanton, and Livermore area that play during their lunch hour. Players of all levels and genders are welcome.

We sometimes play in light rain or Fridays (email to confirm)

Hope to see you there.

Glen Park Ultimate (SF) 37.7360581000 -122.4397389000 Glen Park Ultimate (SF)

Contact: Andy Raskin
Mailing List:!forum/glen-park-ultimate/join

Saturdays: 2:30pm

Fields: Grass
Description: We play every Saturday at 2:30 pm on the main grass field at Glen Park. People meet at the bottom of the tiered wall (near the tennis courts). If nobody's there, wait a few minutes and they'll probably show up.

All skill levels are welcome. Most players are advanced intermediate. Please bring both a white shirt and a dark shirt so you can play on either team.

Founded in the early '90s, the game has thrived with a rotating cast of characters. A few founding members still play—they're easily identified as the ones who yell the most and run the least.

House rule: Maximum 3 subs on last-back calls.

Albany Ultimate 37.9140929000 -122.3003351000 Albany Ultimate

Contact: Ranger Ricks
Phone: 510.757.3322
Mailing List:

Sundays: 9am

Fields: Grass
Description: Description
Sunday pick-up ultimate game in El Cerrito, CA.
1) Cerrito Vista Park @ 9:06 AM.
2) Alternate: Canyon Trail Park in El Cerrito:
3) Alternate2: King Middle School in Berkeley at the softball field (park on Rose st.):

Most players have played competitively in the past or are still playing competitively. Game usually gets going by 9:30am.

Ultimate Coalition of Palo Alto (UCoPA) 37.4421559876 -122.1184719231 Ultimate Coalition of Palo Alto (UCoPA)

Contact: Jim Lemons
Phone: 650.380.1479
Mailing List:

Wednesdays: 12:00 call: 12:15pm to 1:30 pm game

Cost: free for now
Fields: grass at Greer. Turf at Mayfield
Description: Greer Goaltimate opens April 2021
Covid- 19 Update 9/15/21:
Return To Play (RTP) protocol is no shots, mask required at all times. One or two shots, mask optional. Subbing every 90 seconds encouraged. Tap in optional.

Welcome to the Ultimate Coalition of Palo Alto (UCoPA). Established in 1983, this group is the longest year round disc pick-up game in the USA. We play half and full court Goaltimate. We accept all levels of play making a fun "one of a kind" disc experience.

USA Goaltimate rules:

Winter 2021: most likely Greer Park is our home on field #2 off main parking lot. Field closures TBD

Rain: If rain closes all Palo Alto grass fields, we meet at Mayfield Soccer Turf Complex (El Camino Real and Page Mill)

See you on the field of honor,

Saturday Ultimate 37.7672628932 -122.4642620340 Saturday Ultimate

Contact: Richard Gurley
Phone: 404.797.8194
Mailing List:

Saturdays: 11:30 am to 2:30 pm

Fields: Grass: some holes for sprinklers or from gophers
Description: Status: Game is back!!

Game is welcoming to men and women at a variety of ages and skill levels, from beginners to club players. The game generally uses a stack offense and forces/marks on defense with occasional zone. If those terms don't mean anything to you, come on out and we'd be excited to teach! When we have lots of players, we generally break into two games, one for more experienced players and one more beginner-friendly.

Bring cleats, a white and dark shirt, and a friendly attitude. Game is usually at Big Rec, but sometimes moves to Robin Williams Meadow (aka Sharon Meadow), so please check both locations.

All recent info is covered on the email list (same list for Saturday and Wednesday games):

Evening Pickup in GG Park 37.7674580381 -122.4644950490 Evening Pickup in GG Park

Contact: Richard Gurley
Phone: 404.797.8194
Mailing List:

Wednesdays: 5:30 pm to sunset during Daylight Saving Time only

Fields: Grass: some holes for sprinklers or from gophers
Description: Status: Game is back!!

Game is welcoming to men and women at a variety of ages and skill levels, from beginners to club players. The game generally uses a stack offense and forces/marks on defense with occasional zone. If those terms don't mean anything to you, come on out and we'd be excited to teach! When we have lots of players, we generally break into two games, one for more experienced players and one more beginner-friendly.

Bring cleats, a white and dark shirt, and a friendly attitude. Game is usually at Big Rec, but sometimes moves to Robin Williams Meadow (aka Sharon Meadow), so please check both locations.

All recent info is covered on the email list (same list for Saturday and Wednesday games):

Big Rec Goaltie 37.7666308201 -122.4652337008 Big Rec Goaltie

Contact: Gabriel Posluszny
Phone: 732.740.9528

Saturdays: 9:30

Fields: Grass
Description: Goaltimate game before the ultimate game starts.

Stanford Friday Ultimate 37.4320683778 -122.1548795710 Stanford Friday Ultimate

Mailing List:

Fridays: 5:30PM

Fields: Grass
Description: Happens during Daylight time (Spring/Summer/Fall) on Friday evenings. Sign up to the mailing list for details.

Sunday frisbee at Stanford 37.4307510000 -122.1541881000 Sunday frisbee at Stanford

Contact: Hsing Pao
Mailing List:!forum/frisbee-on-the-oval

Sundays: 4:00pm - sunset (after daylight savings ends in November, starts at 2:30pm)

Fields: grass
Description: Very laid back game. Wide range of experience, including very good players and beginners. Probably the most beginner-friendly game on the Peninsula. We keep score for the last 15 minutes. Bringing both light/dark shirt not required but it helps to keep teams balanced.

We used to play on the grass in the center of the Oval. Game will be moved to Stanford IM south fields for now. We generally start playing within 25-30 minutes of start time. We are currently on summer hours winter (April-Oct, when daylight savings) starting at 4:00 pm to sunset. During winter months (Nov to March), game will be 2:30pm to sunset.

The game consistently happens every week, but if you want to be sure (and for updates on start time), sign up for the Google Group.

Game currently is active. We ask that if you are not vaccinated, to wear a mask.

Stanford Oval Ultimate 37.4296127918 -122.1695687302 Stanford Oval Ultimate

Contact: Mona

Saturdays: 3:00pm or 4:00pm, depending on daylight savings time

Description: Update: Stanford Oval is still closed to the public. Our Saturday game has been temporarily moved to Stanford IM South Fields -,-122.1563821,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x808fbadf72e39bcd:0x7c8c2092bb35735a!8m2!3d37.430751!4d-122.1541881

Email me to subscribe to our mailing list and/or join our GroupMe for real-time updates

Friendly and newcomers are always welcome. It's competitive in the sense that we often run hard and play with a stack, but we want everyone to have fun and aren't so worried about who wins etc.

Game starts at 3PM but realistically at 3:30PM so don't panic if you don't see anyone.

Don't forget to bring your white and dark shirts and water! Lots of water because you's the summer!

Palo Alto Weekday Morning 37.4229842000 -122.1436445000 Palo Alto Weekday Morning

Contact: Ean
Mailing List:

Mondays: 7:00AM
Wednesdays: 7:00AM
Fridays: 7:00AM

Fields: Mon/Wed/Fri Full artificial turf field
Description: We're just a group that enjoys playing friendly, casual pickup games. We are open to beginners and have a range of abilities and ages. Some people play hard, but no one is very concerned about winning, etc., and it's fine if you're a beginner and drop the disc. Everyone plays even it means that one team might have one more person than the other.

We start warming up at 7AM and play as soon as we have 8 people. Game ends at 8AM so people can leave for work. We play year-round.

We play at the fields at the corner of El Camino and Oregon Expressway (

Contact me for information but use the mailing list to get updates as we generally play if we get more than 6-8 people sign up (about 95% of the time).

Encinal Ultimate 37.4151519793 -122.1081114638 Encinal Ultimate

Contact: Eric D
Mailing List:

Mondays: 12:50pm-2:25pm
Wednesdays: 12:50-2:25pm
Fridays: 12:50-2:25pm

Description: Date: Monday, 13 September 2021


1. Location

Our game is officially suspended (as much as a pickup game can be "officially" anything) until further notice due to COVID-19.

Until mid-March 2020, we were behind the CUBBERLEY Community Center in Palo Alto on the grass field there. But best to visit our web page (which I updated each Sunday night/Monday morning pre-COVID-19, or less frequently now when in the midst of all this) to confirm our location and start time; these vary occasionally over the course of the year:

Encinal Ultimate

2. Game Summary

Again, our game is suspended until further notice due to COVID-19. However, once we emerge from that...:

This is an open and friendly, mid-level co-ed pickup game with players ranging in age from 20-something to 70-something, with large numbers of us in our 40s and 50s. We always have sevens with substitutes (moreso on holidays when we draw from other local games which collapse into ours), and we often have several women players in attendance.

Come out and join us post-COVID-19.


"I am a firm believer in the people. If
given the truth, they can be depended
upon to meet any national crisis. The
great point is to bring them the real
facts." --Abraham Lincoln

Rengstorff park 37.4009242000 -122.0968814000 Rengstorff park

Contact: George Matsumoto

Saturdays: 11:30

Fields: Grass
Description: All levels welcome

South Bay Development Ultimate Clinic 37.4009242000 -122.0968814000 South Bay Development Ultimate Clinic

Contact: Theodore Aronson

Sundays: 9:30 AM

Fields: Grass
Description: If you're looking to develop your ultimate frisbee skills or break into the Bay Area Club scene, you are in the right place! We value inclusivity and improvement. Our goal is for every practice member to develop solid foundational skills in ultimate that will super valuable for any team you play for in the future. Practices will go over fundamentals and provide a safe space to hone those skills.

We won't be holding any tryouts, but if we have the numbers we'll send a team to Sectionals. Practices are considered OPEN and attending will not commit you to going to Sectionals.

If you are interested in joining practices, just come along to one of our practices!

NOTE: We usually start right on time (9:30 AM) so please be punctual if possible (but we won't turn you away if you aren't)


Ultimate Thursday @ Eagle or Cubberley 37.3891455000 -122.0862300000 Ultimate Thursday @ Eagle or Cubberley

Contact: Ryan Spratt
Mailing List:

Thursdays: 12:20

Fields: Grass
Description: A pick up game that has been running for roughly 40 years. We have a wide range of ages and abilities. Friendly but semi-competitive play. We typically start around 12:20-12:30 depending on player count each with a 4 on 4 minimum. Bring a white and a color shirt to help balance numbers.

While originally at Eagle, we have recently been playing at Cubberley in Palo Alto to keep up our attendance numbers. Join our mailing list to know where the game is at any given week.

Night Ultimate League Livermore - Starts Every Tuesday 37.6693650000 -121.7558772000 Night Ultimate League Livermore - Starts Every Tuesday

Contact: Brian Yoxall
Phone: 440.296.9255

Tuesdays: 8:30-10pm

Cost: ~$10/month/person
Fields: Turf, year-round play
Description: Update 4/22/2021: we are going to start playing again soon, fields are open for adult sports to rent again. Expect some covid-19 safety protocols

Medium-high skill level on average, with wily veterans to pretty new players

Jenny Strand Ultimate 37.3422260000 -122.0256165000 Jenny Strand Ultimate

Contact: Faisal
Mailing List:

Saturdays: 12:30pm

Fields: Ortega Park or Lynbrook High School or Monta Vista High School
Description: Overall mid skill-level game.

We are always beginner friendly and co-ed friendly.

WE UPHOLD SPIRIT OF THE GAME, and always strive to:
-- resolve conflicts quickly and avoid long arguments after a point
-- avoid physical contact and dangerous plays
-- have mutual respect and avoid taunts, heckling and provocation

12:30pm is aspirational...but usually we have enough people by 1pm.

Last minute field changes are possible so use the Website and mailing list to get the latest.

Marin Pick-up @ Redwood High School 37.9376790000 -122.5233840000 Marin Pick-up @ Redwood High School

Contact: Joe Stewart
Mailing List:

Sundays: 9am (ultimate time)
Wednesdays: 5:00pm (during DST)

Fields: Usually grass, sometimes turf.
Description: Running since ca. 1996, this game includes club players, league players, regular pick-up players, and newer players. All are welcome. Games may be verified via group text or at Google Group.

Usually on grass behind tennis courts, but location varies on campus. Look around!

Wednesday (goaltimate):
On "south lawn" in middle of campus by amphitheater. This game is only played during Daylight Savings non-winter months.

Cupertino Ultimate 37.3163858000 -122.0157967000 Cupertino Ultimate

Contact: Sherman Chan
Mailing List:

Tuesdays: 12:30pm
Thursdays: 12:30pm

Fields: Grass
Description: Game is back ON at Creekside Park in Cupertino.

The oldest on-going lunch Ultimate game in Silicon Valley, since 1984. All Skill levels welcome.

Bring a dark & light shirt. We consistently play 7 on 7 with many subs!

Having great turn-out & very fun yet competitive games. Definitely come check us out!

Go to Google Groups website for the communication on game day.

Ultimate Vida Eterna 37.2816552391 -121.9984197465 Ultimate Vida Eterna

Contact: Alex Auer

Sundays: 1:30 - 4:00

Fields: grass
Description: Ultimate players of all ages and skill levels are invited and welcome.
Please join us for a friendly and competitive game of Ultimate.
Bring a dark and a light jersey.
We normally have between 10-15 players.
We usually play from 1:30 - 4:00 pm or longer.

We play at El Quito park in Saratoga, there is plenty of street parking right next to the field.

We use an alternate field from Dec 15 to Feb 15, check Facebook for location.

Facebook page will indicate if a game is on for Sunday.

Netflix 37.2806576000 -121.9558095000 Netflix

Contact: Netflix Ultimate ** BACK ON!! **
Mailing List:

Wednesdays: 12PM-1PM
Fridays: 12PM-1PM

Fields: Grass
Description: Netflix employees and friends (many of whom started as beginners at this game) play a friendly intermediate level game.

Please check the website to see if the game is on:

Currently we are at JD Morgan Park in San Jose (but we play near the parking lot on Budd Ave.)

We start and end fairly promptly, 12PM-1PM Weds. Please bring a white and a dark shirt! Cleats recommended but not required.

You can also signup at where we send a notice of game on or off or calls for more players. (Some weeks we are short.)

Friendly Funday Frisbee! 37.2895441741 -121.8989615143 Friendly Funday Frisbee!

Contact: Nick
Phone: 408.375.0899

Sundays: 3:15PM

Fields: Artificial turf, occasionally grass
Description: ** 8/23/21 update: Reopened since 5/22, playing weekly **

Playing at Willow Glen High on turf fields at map pin location; backup location is the grass fields immediately southwest of that spot. Use football field entrance on Cherry. If football field is occupied our backup field is accessed more easily from Cherry, with parking on Cottle or a driveway behind the preschool on Cottle which gives access to a parking lot adjacent to the field.

Meet @ 3:15pm, usually playing until 5:15ish. Play is friendly and spirited. We play all year, same time!

Friendliest pickup in town! New players always welcome! Many of us play the Sunnyvale Ortega/Stocklmeir Wednesday 6pm game in the daylight savings season. This is a great game to learn or practice skills and to make friends. Kids, teens, grand masters all welcome!

Bring a light & a dark shirt (please skip pale colors like grey & yellow!) - be flexible & ready to make matched teams for good, fun play.

This game plays every week unless canceled on the Facebook page.

We used to play at Houge Park, previously John D. Morgan park and Marijane Hamann Park.

See us play!

RAMAC Ultimate 37.2507285000 -121.8005111000 RAMAC Ultimate


Mondays: 11:30am-12:30pm
Wednesdays: 11:30am-12:30pm

Description: All skill levels welcome!

Check website to see if game is on!

Summit Frisbee 37.1253249000 -121.9429559000 Summit Frisbee

Contact: Libby
Phone: 408.202.1367

Sundays: 9:15
Saturdays: 9:15

Fields: Grass
Description: Join our mailing list here:

or find us on Facebook (Summit Frisbee)

Want to start your day with a friendly, no-stress game of Ultimate in the Santa Cruz mountains? Come join us! We play with a huge range of ages and experience- we have grandpas who still dive after the disk, and we've made special rules for kids. We welcome both newcomers and experienced players.

We play Saturday and Sunday mornings when at least 6 people commit through the mailing list or Facebook page. We say we start at 9, but we're a pretty relaxed group and most of us don't show up until 9:15 or so.

We usually play at the Loma Prieta Elementary field on Summit Road, though when necessary we move to a smaller field across the street. Occasionally we will organize an evening game during the week. We'd love to have you join!

Vacaville - Meadowlands Park 38.3412584000 -121.9441113000 Vacaville - Meadowlands Park

Contact: Thomas (TJ)
Phone: 707.365.1663

Sundays: 1:00 PM

Fields: Grass
Description: Beginner friendly.
All skills level welcome.
Everyone shows up around 1:00 PM to warm up and throw around. Usual start time roughly 1:30 PM.
Usually play 2-3 games , depending on numbers.
Please bring white and black shirt for team coordination (if you can, no pressure)
Cleats preferred but not required.
Email or text me for any questions.

Ridgeview Ultimate 38.3896683000 -121.9739716000 Ridgeview Ultimate

Contact: Steven Harvell
Phone: 619.414.7860

Thursdays: 6:30 PM-8:00 PM

Fields: Grass
Description: All levels are welcome. We want to teach Ultimate fundamentals so you can grow in your skills at whatever level you are at.

Stockton 37.9801699000 -121.3091685000 Stockton

Contact: Prescott Wurtz

Wednesdays: 6pm September-April

Fields: Grass
Description: Game for all levels of players. Bring a white and a dark shirt.

We play on the University of the Pacific campus.

Sometimes Gardemeyer Field, Sometimes Brookside Field. Check FB for latest.

Typically, March to October 6pm games and September to April 3pm games. Day of the week varies.