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What is PickupUltimate.com sponsorship?

There are 5 slots that randomly display on the homepage every time it is loaded. Sponsorship allows you to reach PickupUltimate.com users by writing your own message in one of those slots.

Why do sponsorship?

Sponsorship helps pay for things like servers to keep the site going. Additionally, there are lots of awesome Ultimate-related companies out there with cool gear for Ultimate players. Win-win!

I want to sponsor PickupUltimate.com. How do I do that?

Great! The process for sponsoring PickupUltimate.com is easy:

  1. Send an email to chris@pickupultimate.com and ask to become a sponsor. Please include some information about your company and why you would be a good fit for the PickupUltimate.com audience 🤓
  2. Once approved, you will be able to login and submit a bid for a 2 week slot.
  3. Bidding ends one week before the slot runs (ie: the Wednesday before).
  4. The highest bidder wins the slot and pays the price of the second highest bid (ie: simple Vickrey Auction).
  5. The winning bidder has 1 week to submit payment and fill in their text, logo, and link.
  6. Your slot runs for 2 weeks and hopefully the kind users of PickupUltimate.com buy your product or service!

When do the sponsorship slots run?

The slots run every 2 weeks starting at Wednesday midnight to Wednesday midnight two weeks later. You can see a calendar of sponsorship slots here.

How many sponsorship slots are there?

There are 5 sponsorship slots, each with a 20% chance to appear on the homepage every time it is loaded.

What is the minimum bid for a slot?

Bids start at $10 USD for 1 slot for a 2 week display window.

If I am the highest bidder then I pay the second highest bid price? What is that about?

This is called a Vickrey auction and it is used to help price things.

Can I bid for more than one slot? Can I bid for all of them!?

Absolutely! Get the word out for your awesome product

This is awesome! How can I get started?

Send an email to chris@pickupultimate.com to become a sponsor.