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About PickupUltimate.com


The purpose of PickupUltimate.com is to help people find and play pickup ultimate frisbee games. I wanted to create a place where people looking for games could find accurate, up-to-date information and game coordinators could easily publish that information. I also wanted to create a way for the communities around a game to stay connected and keep a running dialog about their game.

A Thank You to the Ultimate Community

My main reason for developing this site was to give back to the greater Ultimate community. Ever since I started playing Ultimate I have been amazed and impressed by the community around it. My involvement in the Ultimate community has had a profound impact on my life socially, professionally, and personally. In Ultimate players I have found great friends, roommates, and girlfriends. Through Ultimate players I have found jobs, work, and networking contacts. With encouragement from Ultimate players I have become a much healthier person both physically and emotionally.

My life would not be what it is without the Ultimate community; I am grateful to be a part of it and honored to give something back.

About the Developer

Chris Oakman is a web developer from Houston, TX. He learned how to play at this pickup game. You can reach him at chris@pickupultimate.com.

About the Designer

The site was designed by Andy Sammons of Tin Can Studios. You can catch Andy at pickup games around Los Angeles.