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What is Ultimate?

Ultimate, sometimes called Ultimate Frisbee, is a fast-paced, non-contact sport played on a soccer or football field with a 175-gram frisbee. Ultimate combines the raw athleticism of running and jumping with the skill and agility of throwing and catching. Ultimate can be played as competitively as any professional sport or simply as a fun pastime.

Ultimate is unique among sports because it is self-regulated: there are no referees as players are responsible for policing themselves. Ultimate is characterized by Spirit of the Game:

"a spirit of sportsmanship that places the responsibility for fair play on the player ... competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of mutual respect among competitors."

Ultimate is much more than just another sport; when you play Ultimate you join a unique community of people. Ultimate players come in every age and all walks of life, but they all share a special comaraderie on and off the field. If it is your first time playing Ultimate don't be surprised if you make some new friends.

You can read more about Ultimate on Wikipedia or the USA Ultimate website.

What is a pickup game?

A pickup game is an Ultimate game where anyone is welcome to come and play. Every day around the world thousands of people get together at a local park or field, form random teams, and battle it out over a plastic disc. It is not uncommon to see seasoned veterans play alongside brand new players and people over 60 playing with people under 18. Pickup games are fun, good exercise, and a great way to meet new people. Most new players are introduced to the game in this way.

So I can just show up and play?


Sounds awesome. What should I bring to a pickup game?

Great question. Here is a general list of items you should bring to any pickup game:

  • a dark and a white shirt (not grey); used to differentiate teams
  • some water
  • cleats (preferred) or running shoes
  • Spirit of the Game and a fun attitude

You may want to check the description of the pickup game to see if they have any special requirements. For example: some games only play barefoot or want you to bring a 3rd colored shirt.

How much do pickup games cost?

Unless indicated otherwise, you can assume that the game is free. Some games take a donation for renting the fields, paying for lights, etc.

How does the map stay up-to-date?

I send an email to the owner of any game that has not been updated in the last 100 days. That email has a link allowing the game owner to refresh the game for another 100 days; it also has links to login and edit the game information. The game owner has 21 days from the first email to either refresh his game or edit the game information or the game will be deleted from the map. I send 2 more emails during the 21 day period as additional reminders. In short: you can be sure that all the information on the map is current within 121 days (approximately 4 months).

I found a game on the map that is inappropriate/spam. What should I do?

Send me an email and I will take a look.

I have an Ultimate product to sell. How can I reach the users of PickupUltimate.com?

Sweet! Please check out the sponsorship page to become a sponsor of the site.

Your site is awesome, terrible, or I have an idea to improve it. How can I reach you?

Send me an email at chris@pickupultimate.com.

How do I add my game to the map?

Click here.

How do I manage my game?

Login here to manage your game. You will need the game ID that was sent to your email address when you registered your game.

What if I forgot my game ID?

If you forgot your game ID you can search for it here.

How do I add multiple games?

Follow the same process you used to create your first game for the other games you would like to add. Each game has its own login and password; you can use the same email address for multiple games.

How can I change ownership of my game to someone else?

The easiest way to change ownership of a game is to give the password of the game to the new owner. Once that person is logged in to the game he can change his email address to be the one associated with the game.

Security note: If you decide to give someone else the password to your game be sure it is not a password you use anywhere else! ie: the password to your email account or online banking

Someone is making inappropriate comments about my game. What can I do?

Game owners have the ability to delete any comments made about their game.