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Huntington Beach Ultimate of Garden Grove

Contact: Mike Born
Phone: 310.596.1947
Website: https://mborn11free.wixsite.com/hbultimatefrisbee

Mondays: noon to 1:30
Wednesdays: noon to 1:30
Fridays: noon to 1:30

Fields: Grass
Description: MWF at noon (people start showing up a few minutes after noon, game starts by 12:30)
Edgar park, south side (6110 Cerulean Ave, Garden Grove, 33.776463, -118.026468)

Welcome to the most fun Ultimate Frisbee games in Southern California. We have so much fun, we play three days a week.
Intermediate, with beginners and advanced players welcome.
Coed, multiple active female players!
Games start by 12:30 pm, rain or shine - we play on the south side of the field.
Usually a fairly stiff breeze, since we're near the beach, which allows you (even advanced players) to work on all your throws. Close to the beach also means the weather is perfect: Cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
We provide freshly laundered pinnies, so no need to bring light/dark shirts.
We use a stall count ending at 7 to speed up the game and make you a better thrower. We don't keep score (to eliminate arguments) until 1:15, when we play a friendly game - first to 7 points wins bragging rights.
Between the stiff breeze and the abbreviated stall count, this game is much more possession pass-oriented than other venues - not nearly as many repetitive long throws into the end zone to the fastest/tallest player - this makes it much more enjoyable for all the players since there is much more handling of the disk.
Friendly environment - a good group of players. If you feel you must go through someone to make the defensive play, then this group is probably not for you.
Playing as a group for more than 20 years - because we welcome visitors we keep our numbers up, since newbies tend to stick with us.
Have fun and come on out, we love to see new faces - feel free to text me!
If for some reason the park is not available (very unlikely, we haven't had to do it yet), we will automatically move the game to nearby (1 mile) Westgrove Park (5372 Cerulean Ave Garden Grove, 33.779704,-118.039201 - 4 blocks other side of Valley View, still on Cerulean)


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