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Summit Frisbee

Contact: Libby
Phone: 408.202.1367
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/139058476172000/?hc_ref=ARRxm1CDw6sJB383qdP0HmK_-KOeYXM4gWXN5hBlstW758Oh-q02IZosNxSmjrHrRDM&__xts__0=68.ARCKzM0DzOJHhDMFUtgtrZtQNQ35VivJL6OZGVTBy3aNwz0vDUx-biB8D_HiMZfhaADWk1mzBcJd1gfnOuB5VYiF0sAzE01G1YvIla0kECB4N_V9fOmQZaG

Sundays: 9:15
Saturdays: 9:15

Fields: Grass
Description: ****Games are temporarily suspended for shelter in place. We're all excited to get back to playing as soon as we can. Stay safe out there!

Want to start your day with a friendly, no-stress game of Ultimate in the Santa Cruz mountains? Come join us! We play with a huge range of ages and experience- we have grandpas who still dive after the disk, and we've made special rules for kids. We welcome both newcomers and experienced players.

We play Saturday and Sunday mornings when at least 6 people commit to playing on our Facebook page (Summit Frisbee). We say we start at 9, but we're a pretty relaxed group and most of us don't show up until 9:15 or so.

Being in the mountains, our field is a bit of an adventure- it's a little rough and there's a couple holes. We work with the soccer dads to keep it fixed up as best we can.

We usually play at the Loma Prieta Elementary field on Summit Road, though when soccer starts up we sometimes move to a smaller field across the street. Occasionally we will organize an evening game during the week. Feel free to stop by or join our Facebook group!


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