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Ultimate Frisbee Games in Bali, Indonesia

Ubud Pickup

Contact: Joel Hindson
Phone: +6281239559788
Website: https://ultiid.com/bali-ubud/

Saturdays: 09:00 - 12:00

Cost: Donation basis (suggested $2)
Fields: Outdoor grass
Description: This is Ubud's weekly pickup! We have a big and diverse community, with a huge range of abilities, from complete beginners to veterans. It's fun-first, high-spirit, and very friendly.

We usually start with some optional beginner-friendly drills 9:00-9:30, then game run from 9:30 until about 12:00, but you're welcome to arrive late or leave early.

The field is quite exposed, so it's recommended to bring lots of sun protection and water. We usually have coconuts for sale at 15,000 IDR each.

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Ubud Weekly Pickup !

Contact: Abby
Phone: https://chat.whatsapp.com/KuAroXuBRAK9sHIukccleA
Website: https://ultiid.com/

Saturdays: 9am till 12pm

Cost: By Donation!
Fields: Grass baby!!
Description: If you're new to the community, we're excited to have you join us for a morning of frisbee funnn! Absolutely ANYONE is welcome - whether you’re a complete beginner or veteran hucker.

What to bring:

- A white and a dark top, to help us make balanced teams.
- Plenty of water.
- Sun protection.
- Money - for coconuts, gear & donations (all optional).
- Good spirit!


Donations: We rely on player donations to cover costs like field rental and equipment. If you would like to make a donation at pick-up, you are very welcome - the suggested amount is 30k.

Substitutions: If you are a sub and want to play, wait for a point to finish and then just walk onto the pitch. Someone who has just played should sub-off for you, no questions asked.

Spirit: We hold the 'Spirit of the Game' in high regard. A competitive atmosphere is encouraged, but never at the cost of sacrificing the spirit. It is crucial that all players exhibit respect, sportsmanship, and fairness towards each other during the game.

Waste: Please don’t leave trash behind, and we encourage everyone to bring reusable bottles instead of contributing to Bali’s Plastic Problem.

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Jimbaran Weekly Pickup!

Contact: Abby
Website: https://ultiid.com/

Thursdays: 7-9PM

Cost: By Donation!
Fields: Grass baby!!
Description: If you're craving for some frisbee itch while visiting Bali, you're in luck!

We organise an evening pickup every Thursday, here in Jimbaran.

Newbies to professional huckers are all welcome, yadda yadda yadda, bring your cleats and water yadda yadda yadda, we'll see you on Thursday!

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