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Ultimate Frisbee Games in Columbus, OH

Darby Pickup

Contact: Tad Lamb
Phone: 614.209.8916

Tuesdays: 6:00 - 8:00

Fields: Grass
Description: We run roughly during Daylight Savings Time since the park closes too early to get games during the other months.


We have old and young, boys and girls, but it all works out because we have the more skilled players mark each other and everyone gets a good workout.

If you are unsure if we are on because of the weather, text me.

We usually play on the field at the Cedar Ridge (main) entrance, but if there is a lot of rain we usually go to the Indian Run field since it drains faster.

edit: we are playing at the Indian Run entrance (clear at the bottom of the hill) until they fix the septic odors that waft onto the Cedar Ridge field.

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West Liberty Lions Park

Contact: Chris
Phone: 419.304.9588

Sundays: 2-215 pm

Fields: Grass
Description: Beginner friendly game. Game is close to E Baird St, next to the pine trees. Games start 10-15 minutes late, so don't leave early if no one is there. Games on/off is decided by text message group.

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