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UT Ultimate Pickup

Contact: Guallie Garcia
Phone: 832.477.3133
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/199613053435716/

Sundays: 9PM-11PM
Mondays: 9PM-11PM
Tuesdays: 9PM-11PM
Wednesdays: 9PM-11PM
Thursdays: 9PM-11PM

Fields: Turf
Description: Students, alumni, and everyone else welcome! We play weeknights at Clark Field until the lights go out. Bring a great attitude, cleats, and your friends!

Check out our FB group here for updates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/199613053435716/

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North Austin ANTI-COVID Ultimate Frisbee Mixed-Level Game

Contact: David Chang
Phone: 512.850.4432
Website: http://covidimate.wordpress.com
Mailing List: http://frisbeeish.wordpress.com

Saturdays: 9am

Fields: grass
Description: We play COVIDIMATE, not ultimate -- this is a set of a handful of covid-safe custom games that we are refining to allow us to keep playing while covid continues to threaten Texas. Join us! If we have too many players, we split into groups so we can play safely.

The covidimate games use all the skills you use in regular ultimate. You can find out more (and for some games, watch video demonstrations) at https://covidimate.wordpress.com . Check the blog (Frisbeeish.wordpress.com) for updates on location and time but we're usually 10a Saturdays.

One of the more beginner-friendly, female-friendly, and family-friendly ultimate frisbee pickup games in Austin, the Frisbee-ish ultimate pickup game is co-ed, every weekend there’s decent weather, and runs about 10:00am to about 12:30pm.

The field has swings, playsets, and a shaded blacktop.


lots of cold water
cleats if you have them
a good attitude
trimmed fingernails are recommended
a light and a dark shirt so we can tell what team you’re on.

We welcome high-skill level players – we have a bunch – but remember that this is a goofball game. We’ve had players from seven to seventy years of age. Please dish the disk to the newbies when possible and be nice if they drop it. And if you’re the person dropping the disk — don’t worry, we’ve all bolluxed up easy catches more times than you can imagine.

We’re usually playing at Pillow Elementary, 3025 Crosscreek near Burnet and 183.

If it’s between 50 and 110F and mostly dry, we’re probably playing. Visit our website to confirm that we're playing.

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Austin Riverside

Contact: Steve
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1092102774331191/?multi_permalinks=1447059398835525%2C1445350202339778¬if_id=1584918691349237¬if_t=group_activity
Mailing List: Stay tuned.

Tuesdays: 12:07 - 1:56:30 pm
Thursdays: 12:07 - 1:56:30 pm

Fields: grass
Description: The game is allegedly suspended until a time when you can only catch a disc, not coronavirus. But I hear rumors some people show up at the appointed time and do something involving something round. Just believe it will happen.
Sorry about the ambiguity. Every hobby/sport has politics. Riverside is currently Switzerland (trying to be a little something for everyone).
Ordinarily, we never officially cancel. Expect a smaller crowd if the weather is really nasty (e.g., horizontal hail). The game's been going 30 yrs. So yes, it's still happening.
All times are "Frisbee time." First pull is often 12:10-ish. Games often continue as late as 2:00 pm in decent weather.
All sexes and skill levels welcome. Novices, seasoned club players, old folks, high schoolers, the fast, the slow, etc. A friendly game but some above-average competition if you want to match up with those players. Bring a light and dark shirt; no light gray.
The most likely spot: Zilker Park's Great Lawn fields north of Barton Springs Rd. We're usually on the north side of the fields. It's on one-way Lou Neff Rd. on maps but there aren't any street signs.
The 2nd most likely spot: Zilker Park fields on Azie Morton Rd. You can't miss them.
Maybe: the Zilker Park field on the south side of Barton Springs Rd., behind the bus stop.
Unlikely: the Zilker Park fields on the south side of Barton Springs Rd., across the street from the botanical garden.
Don't despair. All these spots are within a few blocks of each other.

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Mask Off Austin Ultimate

Contact: Cote
Phone: 949.228.6549
Website: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kIptajLpdDnh0Hyno_xgZnBJYcgB6K9VnunD2rBu8Tc/edit?usp=sharing

Sundays: 3-5 PM
Wednesdays: 4:30-6:30 PM

Description: LATE JANUARY UPDATE: We have assembled enough players to have regular games Sundays starting at 3 pm. Thank you to all who made this possible! If you're reading this and itching to play, regardless of skill level, please join us on the lower field of Zilker Park a little past the first parking lot on Lou Neff Road.

If you miss Ultimate, hate living in the wage cage, and need to blow off steam in the evenings for your mental AND physical health, then you've come to the right place.

I've seen at least one other group in Austin express a hesitancy to resume playing Ultimate because they're waiting for approval from lawmakers. That is not a major concern of this game's organizer, but even so, this occasion in no way contradicts Mayor Adler's latest executive order, which reads in part, "Further, pursuant to the Governor's Order and the advice of the local Health Authority, gatherings or presence at any outdoor area, event, or establishment of more than 10 persons are PROHIBITED except as provided in this Section.... there is no occupancy limit for the following: ... f. recreational sports programs for youths and adults."* The order also reads later, "The outdoor gathering ban in
this Section does not apply to the following outdoor areas, events, or establishment ... a. professional, collegiate, or similar sporting events."

Irrespective of local ordinances, the game is further protected by the First Amendment as a tiring but mostly peaceful protest.

* https://www.austintexas.gov/sites/default/files/files/Health/Order%20No.%2020200814-019%20Stay%20Home%2C%20Mask%2C%20And%20Otherwise%20Be%20Safe.pdf

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Austin Impact Ultimate Frisbee

Contact: J. Paul Knight
Website: http://www.facebook.com/groups/ImpactUltimate

Sundays: 3:00 pm

Fields: Grass
Description: **Games on hiatus until further clarity on COVID-19 situation.**

We play pick-up Ultimate as co-ed teams usually broken down into 2+ simultaneous games based on a consistent turnout of 30+ players. We play at an overall intermediate level with a mix of skill levels on the field. Our main game is on Sunday afternoon. Our so-called "Outlaw Games" are secondary to the Main Games but are fairly consistent.

When & Where Weekly Schedule (as of 1/2/2020):
*Main Game*
Sunday @ 3:00 pm (High Ground of Great Lawn @ Zilker Park)
*Outlaw Games (secondary)*
Wednesday, Friday @ 6:00 pm (Gillis Park, 2410 Durwood)

Check our Facebook group linked above for the latest updates.

Everyone is welcome. Our Ultimate group started in 2007 and is one of the largest in Austin.
We are affiliated with the social group Austin Christian Community: www.facebook.com/groups/1659478990933629

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Ultimate Pickup @ The Domain - SUSPENDED

Contact: Chris Davis
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1850345031864482/

Wednesdays: 5:30p-dark
Saturdays: 10a-noon

Fields: Grass
Description: UPDATE-July ‘20: we are not meeting right now due to COVID-19. We will update the game listing when we resume.


Casual, Wednesday evening/Saturday morning ultimate. All skill levels welcome!

The grass is generally well-enough maintained and the field juuust big enough for a cozy 7-on-7 when we have numbers (which is 98% of the time the weather is anywhere near decent).

*Water (there's not much shade)
*A light and dark shirt (if you want a say in which team you can play on)
*Cleats (optional)

We generally meet up by the south end of the park near Esperanza, in the tree-shade until we have enough to start throwing.

Feel free to just show up, or join the Facebook group for the weekly polls to see if we have enough interest to play:


See you out there!

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M/W/F Lunchtime Ultimate

Contact: Justin Anderson
Phone: 512.705.0091
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/177063155820509/

Mondays: 12:15-1:45pm
Wednesdays: 12:15-1:45pm
Fridays: 12:15-1:45pm

Fields: Grass

Lunch time pick-up game every M/W/F weather permitting. Bring a white and dark shirt and cleats and a water bottle are advised as well. You can join our Facebook group for more info/updates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/177063155820509/

**Monday games are just starting back up and typically attendance is a little lighter at these games unless there is a holiday, then it’s packed!**

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Milburn Ultimate Pickup

Contact: Wayne

Mondays: noon to 1pm
Wednesdays: noon to 1pm
Fridays: noon to 1pm

Fields: Grass, Indoor
Description: Let's get together MWF to playUltimate Frisbee! We gather at noon and end shortly after 1:00 PM

All skill levels are welcome to join.

Please contact us to be added to the email list. We send notifications on days we plan to play indoor.

No game on holidays.

Bring a white and colored shirt, and plenty of water

When the weather is not cooperative, we like to rent out the field at Soccer Zone located here (Only a few minutes from Milburn Park):

SoccerZone Lakeline (There is a person fee)
920 Old Mill Rd
Cedar Park, Texas 78613

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Milburn game

Contact: Jason Friday
Phone: 432.934.4429
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/128947851006369/

Sundays: 3:30 PM

Fields: Grass
Description: All skill levels welcome. We play sundays. During the summer we start at 530pm. When the time change comes around we will start at 3pm bring cleats,water and dark and white shirt.

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South Austin Sunday Ultimate

Contact: Tyler
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SouthATXUltimate/

Sundays: 5:00pm


There continues to not be any regular games held. The group is monitoring the community COVID spread & guidance from the city for opportunity to return. The best place to check the current status of the group is on our facebook page.

Casual practice and pickup game played every Sunday afternoon in south Austin, TX. All skill levels invited, beginners welcome.

We meet every Sunday, rain or shine, to play a casual game of frisbee, share a drink, and enjoy the community around ultimate. Skill levels, ages, and backgrounds vary, all are welcome.

Game time: Sundays at 5:00pm

FIELD LOCATION: Slaughter Creek Fields 3 or 4 at the Circle C Ranch Metropolitan Park on Slaughter Creek.

Google Field Location: 54X8+6H Austin, Texas (or google map Slaughter Creek Field 4)

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Dripping Springs Ultimate

Contact: Karl Rees

Saturdays: 8:00 AM

Fields: Turf
Description: Beginner friendly game with players of all skill levels. We have a mix of youth and adults, usually 5 v 5 or more. We play on the Sycamore Middle School fields and start pretty close to 8 so we can get out of the way for soccer.

Email for the group.me.

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